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Black Mark is there for thematic reasons (he still plays both sides), and because it allows him to turn a Pirate ship Cursed (and therefore allow Cursed crew on a ship like the Wrath, rather than being Pirate and having to have only Pirate accomplices).

Sentrak is rather bizarre – I assume he’s designed to target enemy ships?

I’m not sure I understand the point of Trygla. It seems like a very strange gamble. Trying to think of the biggest swing, she could be on the Rover with Jonah for 16 total points, and swap for the Zeus on a 6 for a 7 point benefit. Or swap a gold runner for a gunship to surprise an opponent – but that could lead to serious cargo issues. What if Trygla herself or the other crew don’t fit with the point cap of the new ship? It sounds mandatory – should it perhaps say “you may” just before “replace this ship”? The whole concept sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, and there are probably issues I’m not even seeing yet. The flavor shows that an alternative could work – a crew that doesn’t need an explore action to be transferred between ships, or that can move between ships of the same nationality within S or L – akin to Leaping Francis. XD

I have been enjoying the wealth of custom abilities lately!