Reply To: 2022 End of Year Awards


2022 has been a pretty good year for me as far as Pirates is concerned. I fully rejoined the community after taking a step back in 2020, I finally completed my custom set which I’d first envisioned two years ago, and I increased my collection from a measly 94 ships to a grand fleet of 261.

I think my “Fleet of the Year” would have to be my 70 point English fleet I played during the holiday giveaway contest, with my 150 Spanish/American fleet from that same contest close behind.

I’ve got a couple favorite pictures from this year, all coming from the aforementioned contest:

but I think my true “Picture of the Year” has to be the second fleet review I did back in October (and since my collection has grown so much since even then, I just might be doing another later this month…)

My “Game of the Year” was definitely the 150 point Thanksgiving game I got to do with my brothers, even if it ended early. It was the highest point total I’ve played a game at (although not the largest I’ve played in terms of space) and had lots of action, and was just overall great fun all around.

For a “Thing of the Year”, if I’m understanding the category correctly, I’d say how large my collection has grown. I came close to tripling my original collection of ships, not to mention the crew, which I’d comparatively little of at the start of the year. My collection also greatly diversified, having gone from being primarily made up of SM and OE pieces (and there being nothing from about half the sets) to being made up of at least one piece from each released set, and being composed of a pretty even split between most of the sets.

My “Theme of the Year” I’d say is customs. Not only did I complete my custom set, but including the pieces from it I created around 167 customs in total this year, which is a number I’m pretty proud of. And there are several more in certain stages of creation, all which I hope to finish over the coming year!