Reply To: Battle Reports


The Sleigh (proxied by HMS Gallows) went first, as per the Challenge, and moved 6L to the far side of the map, near some thematic Icebergs. My fleet went next, with Jones pinning the Sleigh in place with Whitebeards ability, while the Cygnet and Bazana got underway.

When Sleigh goes first I think Whitebeard would “hohoho” the Locker into missing her turn (unless the controller guessed wrong which ship to lock up), in which case I think DJ wouldn’t be able to copy Whitebeard and freeze the Sleigh.

If so, the L-immunity becomes very helpful because you might just be able to run gold and get it all.  Because if Sleigh rams one of your ships, it can’t dismast it (max of 1 damage) and then you just keep it pinned while running gold with the remaining ship.

A strange challenge; the more I think about it the less I want to attempt it.  The gamification is on such a level that it might just come down to who goes first, or how the Sleigh and Whitebeard’s unique abilities work in relation to others and the Code.  I like how a regular game has a lot more variables where many things can dictate the outcome.  XD