Reply To: What am I missing?


Ahoy maties!

I wanted to share my enthusiasm and good news with you guys. My big order from Hills Wholesale Gaming arrived today! I’ve yet to open the box, but I got 40 packs of Spanish Main, 36 of Revolution and 36 of Oceans Edge! A significant increase to my very humble collection. I also have 36 packs of Caribbean coming, so well on the way to diverse and interesting games.

Edit: An interesting observation. The first double (well triple) of Venture, two from the original SM and one the Unlimited… the decking is different colours. How neat! Different printing runs I suppose. I think I remember Ben talking about that on the main site…

Edit 2: I have a lot of doubled now! Missing 12 ships from SM. I did get a few doubles of El Acorazado but nothing from 70-73.