Reply To: What am I missing?


So I guess the question is… were I to stick to Spanish Main, Crimson Coast and Revolution, would I be missing out on vital improvements and exciting new things in the game? Would I be limiting my game experience?

Vital improvements: Not really.  But it’s good to have the latest Pirate Code for reference as it has provided more fairness than some interpretations of how rules and abilities interact.

Exciting new things in the game: Definitely.  You’d completely miss 5 out of the 10 factions, lots of ship types, various exciting and wild named crew (Calypso, FN Grim the Savage, etc), all the 10 masted junks, and whirlpools!

Limiting your game experience: Yes, but that’s fine if you prefer to keep things more simple and if you prefer the historical/Age of Sail things in the game!