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Davy Jones

Fleet Name: Fear the White Mist

Point Total: 80


The goal of this fleet is to both be flavorful and somewhat effective to take advantage of the “Fog-hopping” mechanic. Not many ships/crew utilize this but I figure I’d throw my hat in the ring for this challenge.

For set-up you’re gonna want to place as many fog banks as you’re allowed to and place them near islands. Your opponent might be privy to your fog-hopping ability and give you a starting island with no fogbanks near it, and that’s where you Bamboozle them! The Alligator has a Smokepot Specialist on board giving you the option to play a fog bank first turn and move all your units into it. Davy Jones will copy any of your units abilities to fog-hop as well! You can then teleport your entire fleet on the second turn to any fog bank in play. Feel like your opponent is playing a more passive gold-running fleet? Teleport the Dutchman and Mistwalker to them for a nasty surprise. Mistwalker can pin any ship of your choice for the Dutchman to lay devastation in her wake. Is your opponent playing a super aggressive fleet? Maybe try running gold with your fleet by teleporting to an island and teleport away.


El Fantasma give the Hangman’s Joke the defenseive power it’s needs to take a shot and retreat to a fogbank after loading some gold. You’ll probably want to fog hop your units to the furthest island away from your home island first, swipe the gold that’s worth the most and leave. The Dutchman has 2 spaces open for either getting gold via island or stealing from an enemy ship.


As for the UT’s, I selected the ones that help the cursed and delay the enemy fleet. Cursed Natives might cripple a gold runner or hybrid, Voodoo Doll only helps you and is useless to your opponent, Curse of Davy Jones hinders your opponent and helps your Mistwalker and Witch’s Brew is a good UT to have on any of your ships should you need it.


Remember, this fleet is about stealth. Strike hard and fast on the first attack then make a retreat to the shadows. Speed of your ships dosent really matter due to teleportation but know when to back off and wait for an opportune moment.


Flying Dutchman(DJC 001) 17

-Davy Jones(DJC 025) 11

-Cursed Captain 3

-Cursed Helmsman 2



Mistwalker(DJC 135) 14


Hangman’s Joke(DJC 018) 11

-El Fantasma(DJC 023) 9


Alligator(DJC LE) 9

-Cursed Smokepot Specialist 3

-Cursed Explorer 1


Unique Treasure:

-Witch’s Brew

-Cursed Natives

-Voodoo Doll

-Curse of Davy Jones



I hope I formatted this correctly, this was fun to make. ?