2 New Pirates Players! April 9th, 2020

Today I taught 2 new Pirates players!  They took to the game extremely well and we all enjoyed it.  For now I just have a small traveling collection that fits in one of the small tins, which doesn’t include my blue fabrics or regular camera.  However, it was fun to play a physical game again!

It was a basic 40 point introductory game, using my Basic Rules as the default for now. Here were the fleets in play order: (you can find all the game pieces in the Master Spreadsheet)

English (A7XfanBen)
HMS Goliath + captain, helmsman
HMS Durham + captain, helmsman, explorer, oarsman

El Neptuno + captain, helmsman
El Duque + captain, helmsman
El Picador + helmsman

Bonhomme Richard + captain, helmsman, explorer
Julius Caesar + captain, helmsman

We used 6 islands total with 4 coins on each of the 3 wild islands.  Partway through the first round:

The Durham got home with a couple coins as each fleet looked to snag some treasure.  El Neptuno went 0/5 with her sniping ability against the Goliath.

The Neptuno closes the gap and hits 2/5 to smash the English!

My retaliation was swift but not entirely effective – although the Durham went 4/4 and killed the Neptuno’s helmsman in a boarding party, the Goliath shot 0/3 on her way home.

The Spanish continued to be aggressive, with the Duque sailing over to support the Neptuno despite having 2 coins aboard.  She shot 2/2 against the Durham, with the Neptuno trying to escape but missing her only shot.

All fleets gold all their gold home successfully, with the English dismasting the Neptuno in the process of docking at home to repair.

In the end the Spanish were victorious by a narrow margin by a score of 12-10-10!
Spain: 12 gold
English and Americans: 10 gold each

Thanks for reading!  We hope to play again soon, possibly even instituting some house rules already.  😀

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