All Time Records – Staggering Stats from Pirates CSG

Pirates CSG Records

This post is dedicated to preserving Pirates CSG game history and bringing all time records into the spotlight.  This post was made in October 2019, so records set after that date may take some time to appear here.  Most of the battle reports for the games mentioned can be found in the Huge Game Legacy Thread, and I also tried to link to them for the first time each game is mentioned.


“Biggest” Records

Largest games of all time

1. Command the Oceans: 9,078 total points in play, 509 ships

Sea of Allost, Command the Oceans 2017

Only one of the three oceans used for the game!

2. Century of Economy (CoEC) 2019: 5,651 total points, 291 ships

3. VASSAL Campaign Game 1: 3,516 total points in play (at 198 ships; 208 ships soon afterwards)

VASSAL Campaign Game 1, biggest virtual Pirates game

4. Economy Edition: 2,846 points in play (at 163 ships; 181 ships later on)

Economy Edition 2015 Pirates CSG game

Largest fleets of all time

1. American fleet at the end of VASSAL Campaign Game 3: 2,414 points (127 ships)

Huge American fleet at the end of CG3

2. Pirate fleet in Command the Oceans: 2,347 points (largest physical fleet ever) (131 ships – biggest fleet ever by ship count)

Honorable mentions

From Command the Oceans: Pirates at 105 ships, 1,840 points; French at 101 ships, 1,804 points; Americans at 96 ships, 1,660 points; various others from that game surpassed 1,000 points as well.

Pirate fleet in EE (2015): 104 ships, ~1,800 points

Spanish fleet in CG1: 111 ships, 1,631 points

American fleet in CoEC 2019: 77 ships, 1,591 points

Largest non-campaign games of all time

-Three 500 point games between 5 fleets for a grand total of 2,520 total points in each of the three games. (2011-2012)

Largest virtual game of all time: CG1 at 3,516 total points (later peak had 208 ships in play)

Largest single-turn launchings


628 gold (English battle fleet from CG1)

Largest oceans: 2015 Century of Empires game at ~160 square feet (Xerecs), 2011 cumulative game at ~72 square feet.

Unofficial/Assumed Records

These are more debatable, but many are likely true records.

Longest campaign game by turn count: Command the Oceans? (~112 total rounds)

Longest campaign game by calendar months: CG2 for a finished game (10 months); CG4, The Caribbean Game, and The Hourly Campaign are all technically “ongoing” but have no end (or in many cases, continuation) in sight.

Most ships ever used in a non-campaign game: 165? (second 2500 point game)

Largest deathmatch ever?  Defence of St. Helens scenario game from 2012 (2,520 total points at start)

Most ships ever sunk in a single day’s action: 74 (Command the Oceans, December 9th 2017)

Most ships ever sunk in one turn by a single ship: ~10, Santisima Trinidad of CoEC 2019)

Most cannons ever seen on a ship: 20, Santisima Trinidad of CoEC 2019 (honorable mention: HMS Dreadnought with 16 during CG1)

Most cancellers ever seen in a fleet: 9 from American fleet in CG3

Most players ever seen in a campaign game? (impossible to know for sure): 6 in CG3

Most players ever seen in a virtual/VASSAL campaign game: 6 in CG3

Most 10 masters used in a game by a fleet: 7 for the English in CG2

Most native canoes used in a game by a fleet: 35 (7 Spanish sets of canoes in CG1)

Fastest Battle Report (BR) turnaround: ~1 minute for the PotC anniversary game(I was writing the report at Miniature Trading as we were playing the game, and submitted it right after the game ended)

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  1. !!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

    Number 2 spot on biggest game of all time, this years CoEC. I did a point and ship count on July 17th, just before the Americans went to war I think. Points came out to 5,651 with 291 total ships in play. breakdowns went like this:
    Spanish: 85 ships; 1,365 points
    Cursed: 13 ships; 413 points
    Pirates: 39 ships; 887 points
    Americans: 77 ships; 1,591 points
    English: 32 ships; 664 points
    Frenchh: 40 ships; 670 points
    Other points in play (crew on islands, etc.): 61
    I’m not sure if the game got bigger or smaller after that point, and i was un-able to do a final point count for the game when it ended.

    Spoiler over

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see some of my games up here, and I think CG4 will eventually take the place of longest campaign played…..

    • @Xerecs: That is EPIC! I’ve seen all the reports so far for CoEC 2019, and was thinking it looked like at least 5000 points at least once. Those are some awesome fleet totals.

      I’ve added the game to the first category!

      I think two of your games would have the record for most sea creatures launched in one turn. 😀

      CG4 has technically lasted more months than CG2, but at an even slower pace of play.

      Thanks for commenting!

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