Ranking: Sea Dragons

1. Raptor Maw 2. Angelica 3. Shal-Bala 3. Vieil Homme (tossup for me, and I’ve never used Vieil Homme or Raptor Maw) godmason wrote: the high cost of Shal-Bala makes it prohibitively expensive in all game sizes Not in Command the Oceans!    XD (I know CTO is a one-of-a-kind game that has never been seen before, but between […]

South China Seas 10th Anniversary Game! February 6th, 2016

This game was played on 2/6/2016. It was a 60 point game, notable for being possibly the last physical game I’ll play with the first person I ever taught Pirates to (but maybe not the last!). Also, as part of the upcoming 10th anniversary of South China Seas, I’ve got quite a lot of South China […]

Sealed Pack Game – December 26th, 2015

It’s finally happened! A Sealed Pack Game was played. The old rules called for one pack for every 10 points of the build total, but this game featured 3 packs per player for a 40 point game. Here are the fleets, in the order of play. Players 1 and 3 received 1 pack of DJC […]

Davy Jones – Emperor of the Seven Seas (Miniature Review)

Published to Miniature Trading on July 10th, 2016 Miniature Review: Davy Jones – Emperor of the Seven Seas Davy Jones Set: Pirates at Ocean’s Edge Collector’s Number: 016 Faction Affiliation: Cursed Rarity: R Type: Crew Ability: Limit. Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 1–4, you may give this ship an extra action; on […]

Ocean’s Edge 10th Anniversary Game – April 15th, 2017

Today is the 10th anniversary of Ocean’s Edge! Due to lack of interest and some annoying no-shows, there weren’t any VASSAL games played for this anniversary after all, so I had to play by myself. However, ironically enough the game turned out extremely well, despite using some of the most maligned ships ever! Using only game […]

2 Players at 80 Points – March 19th, 2016

3/19/2016 Another game has been played, this one at 80 points. Americans: Grampus + captain, helmsman, oarsman Pequod + explorer HMS Dunlap + captain, helmsman Jackal’s Teeth + oarsman Sea Dragon + explorer Cursed: Pestilence + Sammy the Skull, White Crew, helmsman, oarsman Dark Pact + helmsman, explorer Hangman’s Joke + captain, helmsman, oarsman Mist […]

Experimental Cumulative Game

The Experimental Cumulative Game 1/6/2016 The Economy Edition game being played right now by Xerecs has inspired me to start another (but considerably smaller and shorter) cumulative game. Things have come full circle after my CotE and Economy games inspired him to play those! This game won’t last much more than a week and a half, if that. As […]

New Islands and Terrain Used – August 2nd, 2015

3 players, 60 points This game was played on 8/2. The game featured a lot of the new islands and terrain I’ve made. They aren’t as pretty as the ones rossinaz makes, but they are interesting and add some needed flavour to the game. Also, there are some pieces that still haven’t seen action yet […]

Cursed Fleet Causes Chaos – July 12th, 2015

This game was played on 7/12/2015. I don’t remember all the details (including the crew in each fleet) since this isn’t a same-day report. Fleet 1: Shal-Bala A Fearsome Creature Fleet 2:  Angel de Guarda + Master Bianco, helmsman Black Mamba Pestilence Fleet 3: Bruja + captain, helmsman Pawtucket + helmsman The islands made by rossinaz were used as the wild […]

Battle “Ships” of the Deep

Battle “Ships” of the Deep Originally published to Miniature Trading on September 6th, 2016 85 Points This is my entry to El Cazador’s Battleship Fleet Challenge. I managed to come up with this fleet very quickly. I think it was because El Cazador DID allow the use of the Limit keyword, unlike in the previous incarnation […]