2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai – July 7th, 2017

2 VASSAL Games – 2 players, 60 points


Just faced repkosai on the module for 2 VASSAL Games!

I went first in the first game, with an old fleet challenge entry, Clone: American schooners.

Repkosai followed with a Pirate fleet:

Black Pearl + Captain Blackheart, Gentleman Jocard, Marty, helmsman, oarsman

Smiling Jim + Hammersmith

Star of Siam + Coconut

Banshee’s Cry + explorer

The Carolina headed east, while the American gunships stuck together.  My strategy was to shield the Julius Caesar with the Jarvis, whose ability made her immune to the Black Pearl’s powerful L-range guns.

With some careful maneuvering, Jonathan Haraden took the Julius Caesar into range off the Black Pearl’s starboard quarter, and opened fire with fire shot and stinkpot shot!  (Miniature Trading wasn’t working when I created my fleet, so I had forgotten about Ralph David and the oarsman, swapping in stinkpot shot and an explorer)  The Jarvis followed up with a volley of her own, and the Black Pearl was reduced to one mast and her crew lazy with stinkyness!  The Jarvis also popped the lone mast off the Smiling Jim, and you can see the BC has explored the island at the right.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Repkosai had an unlucky fire mast roll that doomed the Black Pearl.  The two American gunships captured the Smiling Jim and Banshee’s Cry, while the Carolina returned home with a big hold full o’ gold.  As you can probably tell, it was all but over, and a quick endgame resulted in a 24-3 American victory!  This also marked my 100th game on the VASSAL module!

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Between the shortness of the first game and MT still being down, we decided to play a second game with the same fleets.  This time repkosai rolled to go first, and the home islands were nearly reversed.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Once again the Americans get the first shot, with the Julius Caesar hitting with both her equipment pieces once again.  I used a different strategy in this game, splitting the gunships and having the Jarvis attack the Star of Siam (she went 1/3 including a reroll from Nolan).

naval combat on the VASSAL module with Pirates CSG game

I couldn’t resist this picture; during the game I commented that it looked like a fireship attack!  The Black Pearl had almost no other option other than ramming to fight back, as the stinkpot shot really compromised her capabilities.  Since rediscovering that the equipment does take effect on the opponent’s turn (the MT database had an error until recently), I am on a mission to prove how effective stinkpot shot is.  I used it more back in 2011/2012, before thinking that it was only on the shooter’s turn due to the database error.  Now it will be back in vogue in my fleets!  🙂


The Smiling Jim took a mast off the Jarvis before being dismasted, temporarily saving the Star of Siam.  The Julius Caesar finished off the Black Pearl with another fire shot hit, while the Banshee’s Cry ran home.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

The Pirates experience a windfall in gold, while the Americans prepare to set up Thompson’s Island.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

The Pirates headed out for more gold, with the Star of Siam looking to nab some American loot with the awesome Wine UT.  The Julius Caesar was ready for her, or so Haraden thought!  The ram and board failed, with the JC losing her explorer.  In the meantime, the Jarvis and Smiling Jim repair at the new fort.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Repkosai had the right tactic, hugging the fort island with the Wine-laden Star of Siam.  Unfortunately the UT doesn’t protect against ramming, and the Smiling Jim and Jarvis teamed up to capture the SoS.  In this picture she is repairing at the fort, while the BC hides in the fog.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

With Wine now in American hands, the Star of Siam raided the home island of her former allies, toasting the citizens of the town!  Here the Americans faced a decision: end the game before the BC docks, hoping they have more gold, or let the BC dock and try to let the Carolina and SoS get their gold to safety as well.  The choice was pretty clear though, especially given the amount of gold on the Carolina at this point.  Her haul included even more alcohol, but this time in the form of Rum!

closeup of naval game on the VASSAL module - Wizkids Pirates

The Americans lifted their blockade, with the BC docking home and the SoS unloading a former Pirate 4 coin into Thompson’s Island.  The Carolina reached home and the Julius Caesar dismasted the BC to end the game and give me victories in these 2 VASSAL Games!  The Americans won 25-7, but in reality the game was closer than that score makes it appear.

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