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Pirate Posters

A little-known aspect of collecting Pirates CSG “things” are the pirate posters that Wizkids made during the production days of the 2000s. I happened across a Barbary Coast poster on eBay back in 2015 and bought it for probably $20 or $30.  I had no idea how rare it might be. The most prominent collector of the pirate posters that I’ve seen is DoubleAAsauce/PirateCaptainAndrew.  He’s got most of the poster variants known to exist, and told me that my Barbary Coast poster was the only one from that set he had ever seen or known about.  I traded it to him for posters from Spanish Main and Crimson Coast, since I couldn’t pass up the 2-for-1 deal and I like those sets more than BC (still a good set though).

Here they are framed in all their glory!

Pirate Posters - Pirates of the Spanish Main and Pirates of the Crimson Coast posters from Wizkids Pirates CSG

Framing and Background

The posters are 17×22, so I bought frames according to that.  The framing process was pretty simple and easy, and now I can have them on display all the time instead of hidden away in a binder or rolled into a cardboard tube.

I must credit Andrew for bringing my interest in these posters up a few notches.  Before his posts about them in the Discord server, I didn’t give them much credit.  However, now I see them as gorgeous and historical display pieces that bring my passion for the game to life on the walls of my room.  Excited to hopefully acquire more someday, though they seem to be quite rare.

Here is the Pirates of the Barbary Coast poster:

Pirates of the Barbary Coast poster

Each poster has four identical quadrants on the back.  Here they are in set release order (SM, CC, BC):

Pirate posters - back of Spanish Main

Pirate posters - back of Crimson Coast

Pirate posters - back of Barbary Coast

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the pirate posters I’ve had in my collection.  I’d love to know which is your favorite!  Leave a comment below with your thoughts!  😀

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  1. Hello,

    I have a Crimson Coast poster just like the one you have and I have a Spanish Main poster that my local game store had that looks different from the one you posted. It was promoting tournaments and it had a picture of the Calico Cat bust that was supposed to be a prize. It had nothing printed on the back of the poster (whereas the Crimson Coast one has grayscale printing on the back).

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