Ladies Scorned Everywhere!

Originally published to Miniature Trading on June 30th, 2016

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After Woelf‘s comment I decided to make a theme fleet based on the Lady’s Scorn!

The fleet is all about the girls – no male crew in this fleet. The 5 masted Lady’s Scorn will try to capture crew and/or steal gold with boarding parties and grappling from L range. She’s also got 2 cargo spaces available if she wants to simply grab gold from an island.

The 4 masted version may not have a captain, but she’s ready for war. Tia Dalma will cancel any enemy captains that don’t have canceller support, which will allow the LS to get the first shot. She’s well-crew with none other than Calico Cat herself, who gives the ship better guns and provides an EA roll to perfectly complement the ship’s built-in reroll. Even without a captain, the LS can potentially move and shoot with an extra action, and between the Canceller and Eternal abilities, she won’t be going down easily.

The 3 masted version of the Lady’s Scorn may be the worst of the bunch, but she’s well-supported here. She can move and shoot with 6 shots if Crimson Angel gives her the SAT, and her guns are now 1S,2S,3S, impressive indeed. Even if one of them miss, Teresa can reroll it! Her boarding bonus could come in handy to steal a coin, which could be transferred to the 5 masted LS to get Gallows’ bonus. (Using Broadsides Attack is NOT recommended for either ship)

Overall, a fun fleet that has some of the best crew abilities in the game. The lack of helmsmen is a serious weakness, but it was necessary to keep the theme. (I experimented with Crimson AngelHermione Gold, and Vicomtesse Angelique de Richelieu on the 5 master, but I didn’t like how it turned out.) As a side note, these ladies don’t look too happy, so perhaps you should steer clear of them! 

Thanks for reading; comment and vote! 

Section: Ship #1 (4 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Bonny Peel PofDJC 043 Crew R
1 x Genny Gallows PofSMU 033 Crew C
1 x Grapple Shot F&S 104 Equipment U
1 x Lady’s Scorn PofSCS 031 Ship R
Section: Ship #2 (3 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Calico Cat PatOE 038 Crew R
1 x Lady’s Scorn RotF 025 Ship U
1 x Tia Dalma DPotC 022A Crew R
Section: Ship #3 (3 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Crimson Angel PatOE 039 Crew R
1 x Lady’s Scorn F&S 046 Ship U
1 x Queen Teresa Pavon PofMI 136 Crew SR


Ladies scorned everywhere!

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