Triple Pirate Barrage

Originally published to Miniature Trading on July 11th, 2016

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This is my fleet for El Cazador’s Triple Threat Fleet Challenge.

I really like 3 masted ships, so choosing a faction was tough. I decided to make a quick decision and go with my gut, which actually said Pirates this time. South China Seas has been one of my favorite sets over the past year and a half, so that made my decision even easier. I happen to adore the Greed’s Hammer, like the Accused quite a lot, and I generally like the Madagascar. 

All three of these ships are underrated, a somewhat unfortunate hallmark of SCS’s rarity. The Greed’s Hammer is simply fantastic, boasting great cannons, good cargo, and one of the absolute best abilities in the game for a very fair price tag. She’s got Hammersmith and Coconut to help her play a hybrid role.

It would be cool to have 3 hybrids, but I wanted to maximize the Accused’s ability and cannons. Therefore I packed her with crew, and the firepot specialist will not be firing at a reduced range since all of the ship’s cannons are S range. Her point limit and cargo hold is maxed out, and with luck she’ll move L+S+L+S and rip off 6 shots at rank-2 with a firepot in the volley.

The Madagascar is the main gold runner – I really wanted to go a lot of different ways with her in terms of crew. I initially wanted a helmsman and either a smokepot specialist or smokepot shot, which would give her fog immunity in times of trouble. However, this left only 2 cargo spaces, and I didn’t want to leave the helmsman at home either. I then considered Captain Mysion which would give each ship the captain ability, formidable indeed. The Parley would help protect the Madagascar, while the captain keyword would give her flexibility. However, her rank-4 cannons seem out of place compared to the other two ships. I also considered Captain Sao Feng. In the end, I went with the tried and true option: the good ‘ol canceller. Tia Dalma will protect the ship from most initial attacks, and could cancel an annoying ability if need be. She should give the Madagascar the opportunity for the first shot, after which the Madagascar can reverse captain away. 

I personally think this fleet is a very strong entry for the challenge. Ships that cannot be shot at within S could prove to be hindrance, but I didn’t see any 3 masters with that ability. That was another reason for bringing Tia Dalma along – if there are any problematic defensive abilities, the Madagascar can sail over and cancel them. Having a canceller on a gold runner is a luxury – the two gunships are already loaded considering their point costs and 3 masted-ness. Each ship possesses one of the best abilities in the game in one form or another: +2 gold bonus, SAT, and cancelling.

Hopefully I’ll be able to test this Triple Pirate Barrage fleet on VASSAL sometime to see if it works well! Until then, comment and vote!

Section: Ship #1 (3 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Coconut F&S 083 Crew C
1 x Greed’s Hammer PofSCS 037 Ship C
1 x Hammersmith F&S 022 Crew R
Section: Ship #2 (6 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Accused PofSCS 035 Ship U
1 x Calico Cat PofSMU 029 Crew R
1 x Captain PofSMU 104 Crew U
1 x Firepot Specialist PofSCS 044 Crew U
1 x Helmsman PofSMU 108 Crew U
1 x Oarsman PofSMU 112 Crew C
Section: Ship #3 (2 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Madagascar PofSCS 036 Ship U
1 x Tia Dalma DPotC 022A Crew R


Triple Pirate Barrage

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