First Game on Tabletop Simulator! 60 points vs. Skelebone. (June 12th, 2022)

First Game on Tabletop Simulator

June 12th 2022

I played my first game on Tabletop Simulator with Skelebone.  Huge thanks to Juulm, Arshellan, DodoDye, Arde, Thunderbros99 and others whose efforts allowed the project to come to life.  There are still improvements being made to the mod but I had been itching to try it out!

We played a 60 point game.  I went first with Snipers Unite minus the Power Cannons UT, while Skelebone tried out a custom German fleet from his Pirates of the Baltic Sea set.
SMS Ludwig II + Vice Admiral Jachmann, Prince Adalbert, Alexander von Monts, captain, helmsman, oarsman
SMS Albatros + captain, helmsman
SMS Luchs + helmsman, explorer, oarsman

First game on Tabletop Simulator - A7XfanBen and Skelebone playing Pirates CSG

Seeing that all of Skelebone’s ships were as fast or faster than my fastest ship, I decided to send my entire fleet through the whirlpool in an attempt to force heavy combat early in the game that I hoped would cause severe damage.  All of my ships had captains and helmsmen, and I didn’t want to split my fleet up, especially since I knew how powerful the Ludwig II is after seeing it get posted in the Custom Ships thread.

The Atlanta did nearly the unthinkable, landing a fire shot hit on the Ludwig II at L+L away with a 6!  O_O  My other three ships surrounded the Albatros and dismasted her, though it took considerable effort.

The Ludwig II put out her fire mast and caused major damage to El Neptuno.  However, I had enough firepower on the following turn to sink the German schooner.  The Coeur also captured the Albatros this turn, meaning the Germans were down to just SMS Luchs.  However, she is a very nice gold runner moving S+L+S.

There was a hiccup with a custom UT at the island the Atlanta explored, but it was replaced with a 1 coin.  My ships combined to empty that island along with the other two closest to my home island.  Along the way the Luchs rammed the Neptuno derelict at my home island, but I didn’t want to end the game prematurely because I didn’t know if Skelebone’s 4 coins were worth more than my loot.  I was worried the Luchs would be able to suicide on a reef and force the gold count.  I meant to leave one mast standing on the schooner but accidentally shot all of its masts off – luckily for me she had an oarsman aboard.  At this point the Luchs was the fastest ship in play and able to pick up the remaining gold at the southwestern island. In a personal rarity I decided to attempt a blockade, keeping all my firepower in one place.

The Luchs returns, but it’s not home sweet home today….

It took more shots than I expected, but eventually the Neptuno was able to finish off the schooner and end the game.

  1. A7XfanBen: 16 gold
  2. Skelebone: 11

This was an informative first game on Tabletop Simulator.  Thanks for reading!

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