3 Player Game on VASSAL – A7XfanBen vs. Xerecs vs. Captain Vendari (2/5/2016)

An abbreviated 3 Player Game on VASSAL took place between myself, Captain Vendari, and Xerecs.

The fleets went in this order.

A7XfanBen: Small Fry Rebellion

Xerecs’ Pirates:
Darkhawk II + captain, helmsman, explorer
Eagle + Calico Cat, Hammersmith, The Hag of Tortuga
Bloody Jewel + explorer

Vendari’s Frenchmen:
Le Lyon + Guy LaPlante
Le Descharges + Lenoir, captain
Le Coeur du Lion + Vicomte Jules de Cissey, navigator

JR’s in the south, Pirates in the east, French in the west.

The Tiger’s Breath sprang out and gave Ben 3 coins early. The Sea Phoenix was picking up the scraps at the same island when the Darkhawk II initiated combat and dismasted the small junk. The Jade turtle ships turned around and attacked the Lyon! In the far north, the Descharges took out two of the Eagle’s masts.

3 Player Game on VASSAL

The Lyon shot off one of the Proud Tortoise’s shell panels and rammed off her mast.

3 Player Game on VASSAL

With a shoot and ram, the Noble Swan dismasted the Lyon. The Tiger’s Breath decided to forsake the gold in the southwest in an attempt to save the Sea Phoenix. She won the boarding party but couldn’t dent the Darkhawk, and she would pay for it on the next turn when the DHII dismasted her. In the meantime, the Eagle had rammed the Descharges. At this point it was noticed that the Bloody Jewel had inconspicuously gone missing!

3 Player Game on VASSAL

The Tiger’s Breath and the Proud Tortoise rowed home to repair, while the Noble Swan captured the Lyon. At this point this 3 Player Game on VASSAL was called because xerecs couldn’t continue. The Jade Rebellion won 14-0-0.

3 Player Game on VASSAL
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