2 more games on VASSAL! February 4th, 2016


2 more games on VASSAL have already been played! I was about to edit my fansite when I hopped on reddit and got ownage99988 to join me on VASSAL! It was their first game in about 11 years!

Game 6
ownage99988Minimal Crew

a7xfanbenSealing the Deal (My fleet for the Sealed Pack fleet challenge)

Though it turned out to be a very good thing, there was so much going on in the VASSAL chat during this game that I almost forgot to take pictures and only got 2! VASSAL is truly taking over! ownage and I got started and then xerecs joined the chat soon afterwards once the game had commenced.

In an abnormal twist, the game featured fighting at the start and gold running thereafter. The Overton and Stephens were engaged in battle, but the Stephens won because of the help of the Bon Marin (no kidding!) and the San Pedro. The Minimal Crew fleet towed the Overton home and got the +5 gold bonus from Nolan’s Ransom keyword. The Belle Etoile took some damage from the Stephens, but managed to return home before going out on a gold run. If she had a captain, she could have sunk the Overton before Nolan was unloaded, but it was not to be (if only I had pulled another captain for that fleet challenge!). The Martillo de Dios made a successful treasure run before being sunk by the Stephens on her second trip. That’s when she carried the final gold coin, and the game ended! Incredibly, it was a 17-17 tie!! ownage was awarded the victory since he had more masts and points afloat than I did. What a great return to Pirates for ownage! This was possibly the best VASSAL game yet.

ownage left, leaving xerecs and I to play a second game.

Game 7
Blackwatch + Commodore Peregrine Stern, Commodore Matthew Perry, helmsman, oarsman
Nene-nui + Ralph David, explorer

Jewels of the Fine Sea (my latest challenge fleet!)

2 more games on VASSAL!  February 4th, 2016

The Blackwatch hunted the Jewels fleet, who headed for the outer islands. The Tiger’s Eye was immune to the Blackwatch’s guns, and therefore she turned south. However, the Emerald was waiting for her, and she pounced first, dealing damage.

2 more games on VASSAL!  February 4th, 2016

At this point it got strange. The Blackwatch rammed and boarded the Emerald with two of her remaining three guns in range. Then the impossible happened: the Blackwatch, one of the most feared gunships in history, rolled FOUR 1’s in a row!! This left the door wide open for the Emerald, and the Blackwatch was toast. The Emerald then went after the Nene Nui to try and end the game.

2 more games on VASSAL!  February 4th, 2016

And thus it was ended! The Jewels fleet finished with 22 gold (with +1 from eliminating Perry), while the Americans finished with 10 (+2 from Ralph David).

2 more games on VASSAL!  February 4th, 2016

ownage and I might be back on VASSAL tomorrow. The campaign game is coming…

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