When The Dutchman AttacksFlying Dutchman Caribbean set #001

Originally published to Miniature Trading on June 22nd, 2017

45 Points

I like the 001 version of the Flying Dutchman because her high point cost and large cargo hold let you put a lot of great named crew aboard. Besides, who doesn’t like that combo of abilities? 

The premise is relatively simple: Calypso creates whirlpools, and the FD is immune to them when teleporting. Cat’s SAT (along with Calypso if needed) is augmented by Griffin’s reroll, and lets the ship go into a whirlpool and come out shooting on the same turn. Home island and wild island placement is important; the closer everything is, the better. Lucky the Parrot looks for which enemy ships have the most or best gold aboard. The FD pursues and sinks them. Lucky and the oarsman help with lost boarding parties, and the oarsman makes Eternal more effective.

This fleet could work at 39 points, but since most people expect some kind of treasure running ability, I went the ultra-cheap/ultra-cheesy route and got the tried and true Jolly Mon/Hag + BC + Mermaid combo. Sorry. XD

This is mostly about the Dutchman combo though. It would be fun, though I have doubts about how long it would last heh. Anyway, let me know if you like the fleet!  Where will you be when the Dutchman attacks??

Section: Ship #1 (7 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Calico Cat PofSMU 029 Crew R
1 x Calypso DPotC 056 Crew C
1 x Flying Dutchman DPotC 001 Ship R
1 x Griffin PatOE 041 Crew C
1 x Helmsman RotF 076 Crew U
1 x Lucky the Parrot PofSMU 038 Crew C
1 x Oarsman F&S 124 Crew C
Section: Ship #2 (2 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Jolly Mon DPotC 005 Ship R
1 x The Hag of Tortuga PofCC 027 Crew C
Section: Ship #3 (1 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Banshee’s Cry PofR 013 Ship R
Section: Ship #4 (1 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Mermaid PofCC 020 Ship R


When the Dutchman attacks

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    • @-aldhiyb-: Indeed haha! Unfortunately I’m used to using him in fleets where he gets sacrificed quickly, so I haven’t used him as much these past ~3 years.


  1. Too bad he didn’t carry and grow through the sets like Blackheart and El Fantasma… over time he could’ve been a Captain or Admiral himself. Ha.

    Imagine Captain Lucky — “once per turn, this ship may look at all face-down cargo on any ship or wild island” …. or better yet, “any treasure this ship carries cannot be stolen unless she sinks.”

  2. …well I suppose one cannot technically steal treasure from a sunken ship, unless you use Divers. It’s a fun idea but I would have to reword that ability better.

  3. A clear example of me not knowing all the cool keywords and abilities. (places.face in hands and lightly weep)… I have homework to do. Thanks for the education.

    • @-aldhiyb-: No problem! I just figured Secret Hold was kinda what you were getting at. There is a ton to learn about this game, it’s often more complex than most people realize.

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