Teaching Two New Players! (September 17th, 2021)

Teaching Two New Players!

I went over to a friend’s house and taught a couple friends how to play Pirates CSG.  They were the first players I’ve taught since spring 2020, though it felt like it had been even longer.

I gave both of them a pack of RV and OE each, though player 1 didn’t open the OE pack as his RV pack was enough with some generic crew to make a solid 30 point fleet, which is the build total we used. We allowed all crew to use their abilities on ships of any nationality.

Fleets in the order of play:
Jarvis + Jean Laffite, captain, helmsman
Le Pique

United States + captain, helmsman
Peacock + oarsman

Strix + helmsman, oarsman
+Oarsman on home island

For the introductory game we used 3 islands with 4 coins apiece, no terrain, and round earth rules.  The home island locations were coincidentally all on one side of the map.

Teaching Two New Players how to play Pirates CSG on September 17th 2021

The race for the gold was on!

The Jarvis and United States got into a skirmish, while Lusca surfaced to ram and pin the Peacock.  My position in the center of the other fleets was not looking enviable.

I wanted to save some gold from the Peacock and so the United States started blasting tentacles off of Lusca’s disgusting slimy body!

Alas it was too late, for the Peacock was doomed to sink!

The Jarvis actually joined the festivities and attacked Lusca!

When the squid fought back the United States was looking terrible:

Eventually the squid was finished off, allowing the Americans to continue their civil war!

With a Broadsides Attack the United States was able to finish off the Jarvis, but the other fleets were getting all the gold.

The Strix lost a mast before shooting the United States derelict at last:

Le Pique proved to be the game’s MVS (Most Valuable Ship), sailing over to sink the Strix after providing her fleet with just enough gold to win!

  1. Eric: 9 gold
  2. Michael: 8 gold
  3. Ben: 0 gold
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    • Yeah, unfortunately from beginner’s inexperience during assembly. I must have offered to build it or put that specific mast in but it’s still good to learn what not to do from direct experience.

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