HUGE Resource Change and Big Pirate Launch – March 2020

CG4 has resumed at last!  After 3 and a half months of inactivity, the grand campaign is back.

On the previous turn, the Corsairs spent their windfall on a bunch of grand custom warships!  This included the Osiris, their flagship from Pirates of the Epic Seas, my fantasy custom set.  I would love to say more but not quite yet!  🙂

We just had a momentous resource change, with a 4 being rolled for value and a max turn duration of 12!  O_O  This meant that metals were the new “king resource” at 6 gold apiece, with textiles worth 5.  With both resources readily available, the Pirates looked to epitomize the rich getting richer with this change.  Given the somewhat substantial distances between islands, the duration of the resource change also gives factions an opportunity to head for new islands or make long trips to valuable islands, knowing that the values will hold long enough for them to get all the way back home before the next resource change occurs.

The Pirates ended their play turn with 39 metal tokens, which they cashed in for a windfall of 234 gold!  They combined this with 10 saved gold for a total of 244, of which they spent 232 to launch 11 new ships!  You can see all but one of them at the southern half of their home island, with various customs making it into play.  The Warring Tribes with Rastarius Cain makes an entrance, with the latter being a Chieftain for the Gravedigger’s Death Sentence native canoe set.  The Pirates also launched some additional cargo ships to optimize their resource system, as they plan to send extra ships north to maximize their metal production.

CG4 March 2020 developments

The Agnis Crystalis and Splinter head south from the northern half of the Pirates’ home island (right of the reefs jutting south).  The Pirates have also launched the Branwen, a custom fog hopping 3 master by Xerecs.  All 7 Corsair galleys that were home last turn sailed out, with the quartet of 4 masted galleys heading west.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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