Game on the Las Vegas Strip with Captain Randy! (September 10th, 2021)

Game on the Las Vegas Strip with Captain Randy!

Captain Randy and I met up at The Park by the New York New York hotel to play a game of Pirates on the Strip!  😀

Here’s the little preview footage:

We used a 60 point build total, round earth rules, and some new rules myself and few others have been working on.  The biggest change is that the winner of the game is the one with the most total points in play at the end of the game, which includes points and gold in your fleet.  Each player had to contribute 8 coins worth 60 gold (right now we’re trying an equal amount of points and gold at the start of play, so 60 points and 60 gold per player for 240 total at the beginning of the game), which we accomplished by simply multiplying the values of all coins by 4.  (since the standard rules call for 8 coins worth 15 gold)

I went first with a Pirate fleet:
Deliverance + OE Calico Cat, OE Griffin, The Hag of Tortuga, helmsman, oarsman
Cursed Blade + captain, helmsman
El Dorado + helmsman

He used an English Pirate fleet.

Game with Captain Randy in Las Vegas September 2021

The lighting affected the picture quality a bit, but here the Lightning is being blocked from Randy’s fleet by the Cursed Blade and El Dorado:

Deliverance in a fog bank with the lights of the Strip in the background:

The block ships didn’t stop Captain Randy!  With HMS Gallows he came in guns blazing real hot, using a double action to sink the Cursed Blade and El Dorado and dismast the Lightning!!  O_O

The Pirates got instant revenge on my turn, with the Deliverance coming out of the fog to dismast the Gallows!  Mostly due to the close home islands, this was definitely going to be one of those games where a flurry of actions and casualties happen at the start, and the remainder of the game is basically picking up the pieces and salvaging what you can to try to win.

Not as picturesque or piratey as Senor Frogs where we played in 2019, but a nice night in Vegas!  The Deliverance has sunk the Gallows.

The Aberdeen Baron round earthed to get some gold, with the Deliverance the only hope for the Pirates at this point.

Eventually the Deliverance got around to towing my Lightning, but the Aberdeen Baron (after getting some gold home) went on the attack.

After some more shenanigans I think I was able to end the game with the Deliverance!  However, we had forgotten that coins were worth 4 times their printed values, so Captain Randy won 40-35!

Afterwards we got up to some shenanigans at the Bellagio, where I disposed of an $1800 ship and we threw some coins into the water for good luck.  😉

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