El Acorazado – My Preferred Setup

El Acorazado Pirates of the Spanish Main

The best gunship ever?

Originally published to Miniature Trading on September 13th, 2016

42 Points

As the title says, this is my favorite setup for the best gunship in the game. Just hadn’t posted it as a fleet yet! It works well in terms of points; either make it a 45 point game and add El Algeciras, or take Vaccaro out and put Contessa Anita Amore on the Algeciras to make it a legal 40 point fleet.

This fleet is meant for deathmatch games. This fleet is currently 26-11 against extremely tough competition in deathmatch games: 6-0 against my HMS Grand Temple fleet11-1 against various gunships, and 9-10 against HMS Endeavour (though effectively 9-7 in that series).

Edit: This fleet is now 30-12.

Section: Ship #1 (7 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Capitan Alarico Castro PofSMU 085 Crew R
1 x Duque Marcus Vaccaro PofBCU 072 Crew C
1 x El Acorazado PofSMU 069 Ship R
1 x Helmsman PofSMU 111 Crew U
1 x Joaquin Vega PofSMU 092 Crew U
1 x Luis Zuan PofMI 069 Crew R
1 x Nemesio Diaz PofSMU 094 Crew C


El Acorazado My preferred setup

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  1. Adding Vega is dirty. That’s clever.

    For using Acorazado in a 40 pt standard game I’ve been trying to equip her with

    – Admiral Alarico Castro

    -Duque Vacarro



    And then Pescados de Plata with an explorer or the divers event. Not great, mainly because of how much it relies on Castro going off, but it does particularly well against hybrid fleets. Captain Castro might be better than Admiral here though.

    I just had a bizarre game where I got all 5 masts lined up for a shot and every single one missed and that sucked.

    • @Jack: I mainly focus on making the Acorazado as deadly and defensive as possible because I don’t prefer to use S speed gunships in 40 point games. Spain has a plethora of good gunships that can be competitive in 40 point games that aren’t deathmatches. This is more of a specific setup than an actual fleet; El Algeciras can be added to get it to 45 total points, but I usually have just played this in 1v1 gunship duels.

      Indeed, the SAT Castro would save a few points in your setup without much of a downside.

      I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of bad dice luck, especially during shooting. If you see some of my Battle Reports of physical games from around 2011-2014, it’s pretty crazy how poorly I rolled sometimes. It’s yet another reason I love huge games – with lots of points and die rolls in play, the luck factor of missing a crucial shot decreases and the better player or better constructed fleet should win.

      Thanks for the comment!

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