Command the Oceans – JR and Cursed turns (12/5/2017)

This is a picture-centric report, as I try to take more closeups and my time playing this epic game slowly comes to a close. Again, enjoy it while it lasts haha.

Jade Rebellion vs. the Cursed:

The Nubian Prince manages to eliminate two masts from the Loki’s Revenge and capture the ship’s captain!

Devastation. Desperation.


At long last, the flagship of the Jade Rebellion is here! The Jades spent all of their 108 gold on what will likely be their final three ships launched.

Almost forced to call upon Mercenary help at this point, the Forward and Revolution give them a rare chance to field regular square-rigged ships.

Ships in various states of disrepair sail out, unable to repair due to the shortage of resources, lumber, and manpower in the area.

The Baochuan has a maxed out complement of crew, while the Forward carries the first canceller the Jades have possessed in this game.

The Cursed use Tsuro to move the Black Pearl onto a reef! This is the first direct Cursed vs. Pirate conflict in this game! Perhaps a sign of things to come?

Cleanup efforts. The Cursed reiterate how dominant they’ve become in the far west around Broken Horn Island, sinking various BC and Jade ships.

A theme we’ll get used to on this turn, with damaged ships sailing out to do battle.

With the change in combat rules, the ocean is becoming less crowded and lively, with a “no man’s land” starting to develop in an area that was hotly contested not long ago.

From the last few pictures you may have noticed additional ships in play…

Yes indeed…


The Skin Flayer gives the Cursed a very devastating new weapon, while the Crocodile is their other last 4+ masted ship to launch.

The Guinee cancelled the Nubian Prince’s ability, and she was sunk by a trio of Cursed ships.


After regenerating for two turns, Shal-Bala has returned to full health! The creature has mated and now has an offspring! XD Angelica will be Cursed for this game, giving them TWO sea dragons at the Roost!!!

The full Cursed launch, where they spent all of their 297 gold at once.

Did you think that was it?? Not quite!! Unable to carry out further repairs, El Fantasma gave the Divine Dragon his SAT and steered the ship towards the whirlpool created by Calypso. Using the Eye to find his way, Fantasma ended up in the Caribbean!! Words have already been exchanged, and the Cursed are recruiting the English to help fight the Pirates!!!! O_O With Davy Jones still able to copy Calypso (he did this turn but both rolls were 2’s; DJ has temporarily been transferred to the Fiddler’s Green for her reroll), you can immediately get some ideas about what could happen….

The graveyard for these two factions warring against each other on Turn 78. Many ships were sunk, mostly on the JR side.

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