Command the Oceans – December 6th Part 1 (12/6/2017)

The report for the action of December 6th will be split into two or three parts.

The Union Jack is back in the Sea of Allost! The English are here!

After El Fantasma told them the way, the English decided to commit ships to the cause of fighting the Pirate empire in the far east. Only 5 English gunships were able to fit at the other end of the whirlpool, but more will certainly arrive soon.

The English are ready to finally get full-scale revenge on the Pirates!

Almost the entire English fleet is now flocking to the Caribbean whirlpool:

The Spanish are doing the same thing, though for a different reason of course.

At the end of their turn, the English spent all of their 140 gold to get some of their best gunships! The Titan and Endeavour will have access to cancellers and multiple actions. Ducie Chads gives the Endeavour 1L guns against the Pirates, which of course will eliminate two masts with one hit! HMS Apollo has Pirate-hating built-in, and Christopher Myngs could give that ship up to 10 shots in a turn. The Leicester is crewed to her maximum point total and cargo restrictions, ready to dole out some serious damage.


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