20 Point Game of Water World! July 16th, 2017

Just played a 20 Point Game game of Water World on VASSAL with repkosai!

Each of us controlled 2 fleets that would be played independently of one another. The build total was a small but exciting 20 points!

The order of play: (all game pieces found in the Master Spreadsheet)

6 gold bonuses at 20 points (a7xfanben)

Corsairs (repkosai)
Queen of Sheba + captain, cannoneer
Arrogant + captain, shipwright

Pirates (repkosai)
Cursed Blade + Coconut, captain, helmsman

Feisty Libellule + Rover (a7xfanben)

4 wild islands with 8 coins apiece, and 4 home forts with 8 cannons apiece.

The game begins, and the Libellule proves feisty indeed! I know how much of a game-winner the gold bonus abilities are, and with a lucky SAT from Roimata I was able to cripple my other fleet on the first turn! The Libellule missed her shots and ram, but the boarding part was what mattered. The chieftain was eliminated and rolled a 6 to eliminate 3 of his native canoes!!

Libellule attacks

Another SAT, and more carnage in the north: the Libellule wreaks further havoc, blasting masts off the Alquimista and Queen of Sheba and eliminating a canoe.

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

With more extreme luck on my part, the French absolutely dominate! The Libellule is a one-ship wrecking crew, eliminating the Spanish by taking out their last canoe and dismasting the Alquimista! The Arrogant looks to salvage the Queen of Sheba, while the French have even more luck! The Mermaid finds Turtles in the southeast! However, this allows the Cursed Blade to fly under the radar….

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

After capturing the Alquimista and QoS, Roimata sets her sights on the Arrogant.

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

The female named crew of the Libellule prove effective once more, as the Arrogant falls and so do the Corsairs! At this point, the Libellule has single-handedly eliminated half of the starting fleets and captured 3 ships.

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

The Turtles reached the French home fort, where the Alquimista and QoS looked to repair. The French hastily made plans for a possible attack….

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

The Pirates continue to run gold, while the French amass an empire relative to the tiny build total! Here they control 45 points total, more than twice what they started with. With 5 now-healthy ships, they look to the southwest and the Pirate fort that is burgeoning with shiny coins.

The Cursed Blade is about to round earth to the southeast, while the Alquimista stays behind to finish a little gold factory operation.

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

The fun of round earth! The Cursed Blade gets Homing Beacon, but can’t quite use it.

trying to use Homing Beacon

The Mermaid tries to block the Cursed Blade’s route home, while the Libellule waits for an SAT from Roimata to start the assault on the fort.

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

Attack!! Sudden chaos at the Pirate home fort! The Cursed Blade got home via Homing Beacon (not using round earth), but the French attacked in full force. The first bombardment took out 3 of the fort’s 8 cannons, while the Arrogant, Mermaid, and Alquimista tried to get into position.

attack on the Pirate home fort!

The Cursed Blade dismasts the Mermaid and damages the QoS. The fort sank the Libellule, ending her string of luck and taking out the surefire MVS (Most Valuable Ship) of this contest. The Alquimista and Arrogant battled the fort for a few more turns, but eventually were overcome by the superior firepower. The Arrogant barely escaped…

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

… but she was cornered by the Cursed Blade to end the game! Despite the 10 gold from Turtles and 6 gold from the Alquimista’s bonus, it wasn’t even close. The Pirates had found all the good coins for a whopping 59-31 victory!

20 Point Game of Water World!  July 16th, 2017

This was a fun and unique game that saw absolute domination by a single ship until the actual gold was counted. Repkosai enjoyed the introduction to the Water World rules, and we look forward to playing more unique games in the future! Hope to see you on VASSAL on August 11th-13th!

VASSAL Multiplayer Game – July 12th, 2017

Just played a game with repkosai and joulex! It was joulex’s first game on the VASSAL module!

This was the turn order:

HMS Concorde + Hermione Gold
HMS Gibraltar + Thomas Gunn, First Mate Ismail

La Vengeance + explorer
Le Courageux + captain, explorer
La Bonne Chance + captain

The Best Raiders of Spain

4 wild islands with 6 coins apiece, and a bunch of terrain with round earth rules:

The English reached the middle island first, but the French were quickly upon them! The French were helped out by Odin’s Revenge, put into the mix by the Spanish. The Vengeance had explored the southern island but got tossed to the middle by Message in a Bottle.

ships at wild island

Despite dismasting the Bonne Chance, the English were quickly out of the running! Repkosai scuttled both of his ships, and it was down to the French and Spanish. I was quite happy with how things were turning out, as the Academia and Espada de Dios were able to clear out an island while the other fleets fought.

VASSAL Multiplayer Game - July 12th, 2017

The Courageux is towing the Bonne Chance, while the Vengeance is looking to dock home her gold. Little do the French know, the Spanish have a devious and evil plan…

VASSAL Multiplayer Game - July 12th, 2017

With perfect timing, the Academia sails up to the French home island right after the Vengeance docked home her gold, and Fernando Sanchez suddenly emerged from below decks! A coin was loaded aboard the Academia, who can’t be shot at while docked.

Spanish steal from French home island!

The Espada de Dios quickly followed suit with her own raid, revealing Bianco’s Haulers to ensure maximum protection. The Academia stole the final French coin, and the Vengeance and Courageux couldn’t do much but look on in bewilderment.

The Spanish raid the French home island

The Spanish raiders docked home their gold for an even bigger windfall than their first, since the northeastern island didn’t have high value coins on it.

VASSAL Multiplayer Game - July 12th, 2017

This shows the beginning of the endgame, where things got more complicated and strategic. The Espada looks to explore the northwestern island, while the Vengeance is about to NOT dock home her second haul of gold, knowing the Academia can steal it.

VASSAL Multiplayer Game - July 12th, 2017

The Academia gives up her useful Relics UT to avoid getting blasted by the Vengeance, who heads south as the Academia ducks into a fog bank and hopes the Vengeance will return soon. The Bonne Chance finally begins repairing, while the Espada is about to unload gold.

VASSAL Multiplayer Game - July 12th, 2017

This is where things got more convoluted. The Courageux went into the fog near the Spanish HI, while the Academia grabbed the final coin from the southern island. The French were playing a bit of cat-and-mouse, unable to dock at their home island while other coins were still in play for fear that the Spanish could take what they wanted. At this point the game was more complex than I can describe.

Eventually something had to give, and it did! The Academia manages to dock home her 3 coin, but the Espada is cornered. If the French could capture one of the Spanish HI raiders, they could potentially use it against the Spanish to tip the gold scale in their favor! Alas, it was not to be, as both fleets rolled poorly and eventually the Espada escaped just in time.

Combat in the north edge of the sea

After a few more shenanigans, the French docked home their gold and the game ended. The final gold count was decisive:

1. Spanish: 29 gold
2. French: 15 gold
3. English: 0 gold

A fine victory for the Spanish! This was another improbable gimmick victory for me, though since they’re becoming more common I may have to make a thread about this phenomenon. This particular game went as well as it could have for the Best Raiders of Spain, between the other two fleets fighting to the death right from the start, good UT luck, and a perfect execution of the HI raiding combo at the right time. We hope to play more multiplayer games in the future, and it was great to see a new VASSAL player!

Here is the video!

Find more game video in the playlist!

2 players, 45 points – July 10th, 2017

2 players, 45 points


Played a quick game with wantkrakens.

I tested out a new fleet of mine, New Age of Armed Merchantmen.  He went with the Manila + helmsman and Delight + Captain Barbossa, helmsman

He did a unique map with a ton of islands, all with one coin on them.

The Santa Isabel helped the merchants get out to an early gold lead, and then she and the Aberdeen Baron teamed up to capture the Delight.

2 players, 45 points - July 10th, 2017

The Manila was coming home with some gold when the merchants built Ramsgate and started repairing the Delight there.  The Manila successfully rammed the Aberdeen Baron with a 6 and even shot a mast off soon afterwards with another 6, but the AB and Delight overpowered the Manila to end the game (final score 26-0).  Both of us had good dice luck in this game!

Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet: VASSAL action of July 8th, 2017

7/8/2017 – Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet!

Another game with Repkosai! This was my first game with my commentary alone, and I explain my fleet choices and general strategy as things progressed.

50 points, 8 islands, 4 coins per island, and some grouped terrain.

Vikings: (a7xfanben)
Freya + Olof Linstrom, captain, helmsman, musketeer
Elsinore + Tia Dalma, helmsman

French: (Repkosai)
L’Hercule + Madame LaFontaine, captain, helmsman
Carcajou + captain, firepot specialist
Arrogant + shipwright

The French headed north, and the Vikings west. The Elsinore picked up some fun stuff, including Potions and Brews. The Hercule took a mast off the not-careful-enough Freya, who was barely saved by Potions and Brews causing a lucky miss at the end of the broadside. This allowed the Freya to return fire with FOUR shots from just one mast, which has to be close to a potential record heh. Two of the shots hit, and the ram roll was successful to take the Hercule down to one mast as well.

The Hercule was dismasted and the Freya managed to escape through some convenient fog banks! Indeed, the setup benefited the Vikings here as the Freya used the fog banks as a chain to move safely back to her home island to repair. The Elsinore headed southwest, but the Arrogant was waiting for her.

Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet: VASSAL action of July 8th, 2017

I managed to flip Tia Dalma to help the Elsinore survive getting attacked by the Carcajou, but the Elsinore was eventually sunk. However, this happened only after the latest UT shenanigans! The ever-helpful Woelf answered my question about the timing and interaction, which could have worked out well for the Vikings either way. In a funky circumstance, Tia Dalma and the Elsinore’s helmsman were thrown in jail back at the Viking HI after Manawa was linked to the helmsman, which therefore eliminated Manawa! Whew! XD

This worked out fine for me, as I was tentatively planning to leave the Elsinore’s crew on the wild island for the Freya to pick up later in case the Elsinore was sunk (at this point I suddenly realized my fleet had good synergy since both ships had the same ability – Tia Dalma could use her cancelling on the Freya!). However, Jail put them right back at the HI, where the Freya was already repairing, and indeed the Elsinore was sunk!

Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet: VASSAL action of July 8th, 2017

The Arrogant returned home with a coin, while the Carcajou began towing the Hercule. The Freya managed to sink the derelict Hercule, netting the Vikings 1 gold from LaFontaine’s Ransom keyword. I did indeed swap out Olof Linstrom for Tia Dalma, figuring the canceller would be more useful than yet another cannon. (the Freya still having 5 shots in 2 masts even after Olof’s departure from active duty)

Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet: VASSAL action of July 8th, 2017

A somewhat predictable endgame saw the Carcajou corner the slow Freya after the latter loaded a valuable coin, and the French finished off the inaccurate Viking ship! The French had won a 7-3 victory!

Fun Unique Treasures and a weird Viking fleet: VASSAL action of July 8th, 2017

This was a game that saw a fun Unique Treasures interaction, some interesting combat, and a rather strange but fun Viking fleet. More games have already been scheduled, so stay tuned! 

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai – July 7th, 2017

2 VASSAL Games – 2 players, 60 points


Just faced repkosai on the module for 2 VASSAL Games!

I went first in the first game, with an old fleet challenge entry, Clone: American schooners.

Repkosai followed with a Pirate fleet:

Black Pearl + Captain Blackheart, Gentleman Jocard, Marty, helmsman, oarsman

Smiling Jim + Hammersmith

Star of Siam + Coconut

Banshee’s Cry + explorer

The Carolina headed east, while the American gunships stuck together.  My strategy was to shield the Julius Caesar with the Jarvis, whose ability made her immune to the Black Pearl’s powerful L-range guns.

With some careful maneuvering, Jonathan Haraden took the Julius Caesar into range off the Black Pearl’s starboard quarter, and opened fire with fire shot and stinkpot shot!  (Miniature Trading wasn’t working when I created my fleet, so I had forgotten about Ralph David and the oarsman, swapping in stinkpot shot and an explorer)  The Jarvis followed up with a volley of her own, and the Black Pearl was reduced to one mast and her crew lazy with stinkyness!  The Jarvis also popped the lone mast off the Smiling Jim, and you can see the BC has explored the island at the right.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Repkosai had an unlucky fire mast roll that doomed the Black Pearl.  The two American gunships captured the Smiling Jim and Banshee’s Cry, while the Carolina returned home with a big hold full o’ gold.  As you can probably tell, it was all but over, and a quick endgame resulted in a 24-3 American victory!  This also marked my 100th game on the VASSAL module!

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Between the shortness of the first game and MT still being down, we decided to play a second game with the same fleets.  This time repkosai rolled to go first, and the home islands were nearly reversed.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Once again the Americans get the first shot, with the Julius Caesar hitting with both her equipment pieces once again.  I used a different strategy in this game, splitting the gunships and having the Jarvis attack the Star of Siam (she went 1/3 including a reroll from Nolan).

naval combat on the VASSAL module with Pirates CSG game

I couldn’t resist this picture; during the game I commented that it looked like a fireship attack!  The Black Pearl had almost no other option other than ramming to fight back, as the stinkpot shot really compromised her capabilities.  Since rediscovering that the equipment does take effect on the opponent’s turn (the MT database had an error until recently), I am on a mission to prove how effective stinkpot shot is.  I used it more back in 2011/2012, before thinking that it was only on the shooter’s turn due to the database error.  Now it will be back in vogue in my fleets!  🙂


The Smiling Jim took a mast off the Jarvis before being dismasted, temporarily saving the Star of Siam.  The Julius Caesar finished off the Black Pearl with another fire shot hit, while the Banshee’s Cry ran home.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

The Pirates experience a windfall in gold, while the Americans prepare to set up Thompson’s Island.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

The Pirates headed out for more gold, with the Star of Siam looking to nab some American loot with the awesome Wine UT.  The Julius Caesar was ready for her, or so Haraden thought!  The ram and board failed, with the JC losing her explorer.  In the meantime, the Jarvis and Smiling Jim repair at the new fort.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

Repkosai had the right tactic, hugging the fort island with the Wine-laden Star of Siam.  Unfortunately the UT doesn’t protect against ramming, and the Smiling Jim and Jarvis teamed up to capture the SoS.  In this picture she is repairing at the fort, while the BC hides in the fog.

2 VASSAL Games Against Repkosai - July 7th, 2017

With Wine now in American hands, the Star of Siam raided the home island of her former allies, toasting the citizens of the town!  Here the Americans faced a decision: end the game before the BC docks, hoping they have more gold, or let the BC dock and try to let the Carolina and SoS get their gold to safety as well.  The choice was pretty clear though, especially given the amount of gold on the Carolina at this point.  Her haul included even more alcohol, but this time in the form of Rum!

closeup of naval game on the VASSAL module - Wizkids Pirates

The Americans lifted their blockade, with the BC docking home and the SoS unloading a former Pirate 4 coin into Thompson’s Island.  The Carolina reached home and the Julius Caesar dismasted the BC to end the game and give me victories in these 2 VASSAL Games!  The Americans won 25-7, but in reality the game was closer than that score makes it appear.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents – July 6th, 2017

3 VASSAL games, 3 different opponents: July 6th, 2017

What a day!! arrrh

2 players, 60 points

Here’s a 60 point game that was played between myself and wantkrakens, which was live streamed on my YouTube channel.

He went first with a mixed fleet:
Naegling + captain
Grand Wind + helmsman
USS Constitution

I followed with on of my favorite fleets I’ve created, Triple Pirate Barrage.

The setup featured some terrain, including an island surrounded by reefs.

The Greed’s Hammer used Coconut the monkey to avoid rolling badly on the reefs, while the Grand Wind and Madagascar looked for gold elsewhere. The Accused got the first shot against the Constitution, sinking her after a brief battle with the help of her firepot specialist.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

The Naegling went 1/2 to knock a mast off the Accused, who hurried home for repairs. The GH docked home gold while the GW and Madagascar loaded some of their own.

The game tilts in favor of the Pirates! The Naegling lurks too close to the Pirate HI, and the Accused punishes her with a furious and fiery broadside that dooms the longship.

The Greed’s Hammer lost a mast to a reef on her second gold trip, but it would have been two masts if not for another of Coconut’s successful rerolls. On her way back home, the GH helped the Accused to fight the Grand Wind, who didn’t stand much of a chance against the accurate Pirate gunships.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

The Grand Wind was sunk and the game ended with a 35-10 Pirate victory! This game further proved the effectiveness of crew, as my crew setups were far superior to the mast advantage (14-9) that wantkrakens had. Speed also played a big role, which isn’t surprising. It was great to see wantkrakens (krakens on VASSAL) on the module again, and we hope to play again soon!


Second game of July 6th (2 players, 60 points)

Played my second VASSAL game of the day, this time with pirateaj14, which was also live streamed on my Youtube channel.

I rolled to go first with my Clones of the Barbary Coast fleet, and pirateaj14 followed with captain_vendari’s Jacks-of-All-Trades fleet.

My Corsair fleet swarms toward the archipelago of 7 islands, each brimming with 4 coins of precious loot!


The Morocco uses her ability to scout the center island for the Agha’s Whip, looking for the dreaded Blood Money. Expecting the UT, I purposely put all 6’s for my standard coins to help avoid the effect since the Corsairs were only using low-value crew. I swapped in a firepot specialist for Divers and Raft, since I try to play with no events unless it’s for a tournament like T2. The Gallows was going to escort the Morocco to the southern island.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

Seeing Relics on the center island, the Queen of Sheba decided to not escort the Agha’s Whip, thinking the latter ship could handle the Algeciras with the help of the UT. 4 Corsair ships have gold aboard in this picture, while the Santa Isabel takes an entire island aboard for the Spaniards. The Gallows opens the combat phase, knocking two masts off the dangerous Resolucion.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

The Griffin gets Wet Gunpowder and Wine, while the Dervish sails home at S+S speed with a cargo hold full of valuable gold. The Agha’s Whip loses a mast to a reef on a 1, but Relics does indeed save her from the Algeciras. The Resolucion dismasts the Gallows, while the Virtuous Wind pursues and attacks the Morocco. The QoS grabs some great gold from the northern island, where in hindsight I should have built a fort.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

Continuing my bad luck with rolling 1’s, the Queen of Sheba manages to roll two 1’s in a row against the Algeciras to dismast herself and end any hopes the Corsairs had of being successful in combat! A truly revolting result, that shoot action exemplifies my typical bad luck during shoot actions. The QoS, Gallows, and Morocco were all sunk, leaving the Corsairs with just half of their original fleet. The Agha’s Whip and Dervish returned home with a ton of gold though, giving the Corsairs a big lead in the gold race. With the Spanish sailing straight for them, the Corsairs headed out to meet the Virtuous Wind.

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

The VW and Algeciras made short work of the last Barbary “clones”, ending the game!

1. Barbary Corsairs: 34 gold
2. Spanish: 18 gold

The Spanish likely would have prevailed if they had left a Corsair ship alone to row around aimlessly, but alas it was a fun time nonetheless! The end of the game was extra fun, as the creator of the Spanish fleet, captain_vendari, joined us after seeing part of the game on Youtube! Both fleets seem pretty effective for 60 point fleets, and it was a good test for them.


Third game of July 6th

Played my third game of the day for July 6th against a third opponent, which sets a new record for me. This time I faced captain_vendari, and we were live on Youtube with Skype commentary and discussion! This also marks my first game/battle report with commentary.

Coalition of Nations 2.0

Ben’s favorite Pirates

The Bloody Jewel, Hound, and Lightning went looking for gold. The Maryland took a mast off the Selkie (not quite able to ram and get pinned on purpose), before being captured by the Cursed Blade and then chain towed a tiny bit by the Carrion Crow to move her out of harm’s way. The Arrogant and Algeciras approached, but between my mast and named crew advantage, I figured I could prevail. As is typical, my dice luck proved me wrong…

3 VASSAL Games, 3 different opponents - July 6th, 2017

The Arrogant rams the Cursed Blade, taking off a mast, while the Algeciras dismasts the Selkie! The Cursed Blade hit 1/2 on her turn, while the Carrion Crow failed to ram the lone mast off the Arrogant.

The Bloody Jewel brought home a bunch of gold with the help of the Jade UT, and the Hound eventually brought back a bunch more.

The Lightning came over to ram the Arrogant derelict, and the Crow captured her. However, at this point the game had been decided, as the Coalition of Nations had an insurmountable lead in gold. They won a blowout 30-0 victory!

Although disappointed with the game itself, I thought this was a great step towards a new kind of battle report with the live commentary. I’d like to try various other combinations, such as my personal commentary with low-level music in the background. Ideas are welcome!

4th of July 2017 Game! Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

4th of July 2017


Just played a game with Repkosai on the 4th of July!  Check out the video of the VASSAL game, which was live streamed on YouTube complete with thematic music!

Repkosai wanted to be the Americans, so I played the English/British and rolled to go first:


HMS Algiers + Hermione Gold, firepot specialist, oarsman

HMS Frolic + oarsman

HMS Greyhound + captain

Lt. Nigel Hardwicke


Concord + Commodore Edward Preble, captain

Freedom + Master CPO Charles Richard

USS Plymouth Rock

(all game pieces found in the Master Spreadsheet)

The Algiers got an extra action (EA) on her first turn, and I promptly decided to try a strategy I haven’t used very often.  The firepot specialist and oarsman were left at the English home island, allowing the Algiers to load up Hardwicke the marine and drop him off at the center wild island!  Hardwicke, especially with his hatred of the Americans, was to deter the colonists from getting gold from “his” island.  In the meantime, the Greyhound decided to escort the Frolic to the northeastern island, which looked like it was going to be hotly contested after Preble gave the Plymouth Rock an AA (Admiral’s Action) to approach it.

4th of July 2017 Game!  Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

The Algiers quickly sails back home to pick up her other crew, while it appears that both early-game wild islands will be fought over.  (whether through naval battles and/or amphibious operations!)

4th of July 2017 Game!  Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

The English take the initiative and fire upon the Americans!  Hardwicke misses, but the Greyhound maneuvers well enough to score a hit on the Plymouth Rock, dealing a blow to the US gold cause.  The Freedom and Concord will now have a free pass at the exposed English marine, but the Algiers has picked up her full crew complement and is lurking nearby….

4th of July 2017 Game!  Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

A closeup of the action at the northeastern wild island, with English gunnery prevailing.

island action closeup

The Freedom approached the wild island and easily eliminated Hardwicke!  However, my luck was far better than usual, as the Algiers received an EA.  Not only that, I revealed my firepot specialist and hit 3 times out of 4 to cripple the Freedom!

4th of July 2017 Game!  Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

The Greyhound captures the Plymouth Rock, as part of another plan I hatched….

4th of July 2017 Game!  Repkosai vs. A7XfanBen on VASSAL

The superior speed of the Algiers proves effective, as the English are able to set another American gunship on fire!  With the Freedom’s final mast succumbing to the flames, the Plymouth Rock captured, and now the Concord also aflame, the Americans are in deep trouble.

American ship on fire

But just as the American music turned to a more upbeat march, the Americans fought back hard!  The Concord’s crew watched the Freedom burn to the waterline and were determined not to suffer the same fate!  Simultaneously fighting fires and firing their cannons, they plowed the schooner into the dreaded Algiers.  With a successful shoot, ram, and board, Repkosai’s Americans went 3 for 3 to dismast the Algiers and eliminate her oarsman!  (in hindsight I should have eliminated the firepot specialist)  The English had lost their primary gunship, but another plan had come to fruition: after the Frolic docked home her gold, the English built Ramsgate in the northeast!  My plan was to establish a second base of operations while also letting the captured Plymouth Rock repair so the Greyhound wouldn’t have to tow her home at just S speed.

July 4th Pirates CSG game on VASSAL module

Alas, it was too late.  The Concord’s crew were exhausted from the dual fight against the flames and the Algiers, and the ship was lost to fire.  In a surprisingly short game, the English had won an exciting victory!  (final score was technically 12-0, with 3 gold on the English HI and 9 total in the fort)

We discussed afterwards that although Repkosai seemed to have better fleet construction (my fleet had just 5 total masts along with an expensive and ineffective Marine), I had almost all the luck.  Rolling to go first was just the start, as the Algiers rolled for a couple of well-timed EA’s and my cannons hit something like 6/7, which is nearly unheard of for me.  Despite the shortness of it, we had fun and look forward to more soon!  Hope you had a great 4th of July!

First VASSAL Game for Repkosai – June 25th, 2017

First VASSAL game for repkosai


Just played a quick 30 point game with repkosai.

He went first:

Concord + captain

Philadelphia + helmsman


My SM-only old school Pirate fleet:

Shadow + captain, helmsman

El Ballista + captain

I used the Ballista as a suicide attack ship, similar to how I’ve seen her described before.  The Concord and Philadelphia broke from the wild island and sailed away.  The Ballista caught the Concord and hit once in three tries.

First VASSAL Game for Repkosai - June 25th, 2017

The Concord and Philadelphia turned to fight, but the Ballista was already charging forward once more!  She mashed masts off of both ships before losing one of her own to the Concord’s accurate cannons.  The Philadelphia rammed the Ballista to give her the Plague, which eliminated her captain.  By this point the Shadow had unloaded an island worth of gold, and the Ballista was able to finish off the Americans.  The Pirates of 2004 had won a 5-0 victory!

First VASSAL Game for Repkosai - June 25th, 2017

This was a very short and simple game, but it was repkosai’s first game on VASSAL and we hope to play more soon!

Indian Player – First game for Karan R – June 12th, 2017

Indian Player – First game for Karan R – June 12th, 2017

Just played a game with Karan R in India!

In their first game of Pirates, Karan went first with Barbary Untouchables V 2.0.

I followed with:

Augusta + captain, helmsman

Iberia + captain, helmsman

Angel de Guarda

After a turn and a half, the Corsairs stick together while the Augusta prepares an island for the Angel.

The Angel, Iberia, and Tiger’s Eye all grabbed gold, while the Augusta and Nubian Prince eyed each other near the Iberia.

Indian Player - First game for Karan R - June 12th, 2017

The Augusta blocked the Nubian Prince to ensure the Iberia got home safely, and both fleets unloaded considerable hauls of gold.  The NP dumped a crew to make room for a coin, while the Augusta sped off to intercept the Tiger’s Eye.

Indian Player - First game for Karan R - June 12th, 2017

The gunships of each fleet started attacking the gold runners!  The Iberia was dismasted, soon followed by the Tiger’s Eye and Angel.

Indian Player - First game for Karan R - June 12th, 2017

The Augusta sank the Tiger’s Eye while the Nubian Prince sank the Angel and Iberia, leaving just the two gunships.  The Augusta knew she couldn’t win a fight with her S range guns against the NP’s ability, and decided to drop both crew and load coins from the southeastern island.

Indian Player - First game for Karan R - June 12th, 2017

A chase ensued, where the NP caught the Augusta and sunk her!  Divers was flipped by the Corsairs to receive both coins (using standard treasure rules unlike in most of my other games).

  1. Barbary Corsairs: 16 gold
  2. Spanish: 13 gold

Karan R has their first victory in Pirates CSG, and another player has been introduced to the module!  Also, another country is added to the list of locations where people have played Pirates remotely!  (joining England, Spain, and Singapore, likely among others in the past)

Two New Players Taught! May 28th, 2017

Two new players taught


Taught two relatives how to play today!  It was a very simple 20 point introductory game using the simple rules.  Didn’t have my camera or phone with me but here’s a quick summary:

I went first with the Templar and Lucy’s Luck, followed by a player with the Enfant Terrible and Felicite.  The other player fielded the Lord Cauldwell and Scorpion.  The Lucy’s Luck and Scorpion were able to bring home 3 coins apiece in their first trips.  The Templar shot 2/2 to dismast the Felicite, who was later towed home by the Enfant Terrible, but not before the Templar stole 2 of her 3 coins.  Those coins were fought over for the rest of the game, with lots of ramming and boarding between the Lord Cauldwell, Templar, Scorpion, and Enfant.  In the end, I tied with the LC/Scorpion player with 13 gold apiece (they won the masts remaining tiebreaker), while the French had 4.