A More Relaxed Turn in CG4 – June 10th, 2020

Feel free to check out Xerecs’ BR of the last few rounds before seeing the latest developments!

Two of PirateAJ14’s factions may be discussing an alliance!  “La Lyon pulled alongside the Ridderschap, but ran up the white flag, so negotiations may be in place…”  (this is in the southwestern part of the ocean)

As Xerecs mentioned in his report, the Spanish launched 2 sets of native canoes at Archipelago islands.  One set of their “standard” canoes from Savage Shores, and one set of unreleased canoes that are even better – 2 cargo spaces each moving L+S!

Spanish canoes at Archipelago islands

The Pirates have a ton of priorities, goals, and interests.  It’s tough to balance them all without being overwhelmed at the beginning of each of their turns!

The Pirates had to pivot on their launch strategy for this turn due to not enough space at the home island to launch many ships from.  153 gold in profit this turn and only 2 ships launched… but they are taking out their frustrations with that in a “constructive” way… XD

Pirate home island situation CG4 June 10th 2020

The Pirates are still dealing with logistics regarding the clash with the Corsairs.  The Darkhawk II put out her fire mast and got home with an AA to unload textiles.  The Osiris went to the Pirate HI via Eternal after her successful scuttle attempt last turn.

In the south area of “Pirate waters”, the Hai Peng and Warring Tribes are making all way towards home, with 4 move segments each this turn (latter via SAT).  The Tempest is off and running with an EA from Sean Cannonball Gallows, while a lot of ships docked home metals this turn.  At the lower right, the Amity has loaded 3 gold….

After PirateAJ14’s next turn we’ve got 4 rounds left until the next resource change.

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  1. How did the pirate canoes explore and load treasure this turn? This would have been their first turn in play so wouldn’t that prevent them from exploring and loading?
    “The Master Keyword List:
    ….it cannot be given an explore action on your first turn….”

    • @Xerecs: The rules don’t specify how to handle native canoes being launched in campaign games, so I just interpreted the keyword as literally as possible. 🙂
      MY first turn was way back in 2018. The keyword says “your first turn” (emphasis added) not “the canoes’ first turn”.

  2. I’ve interpreted it as the canoes first turn, which is why the Conglomerate ones still have nothing on them. I’ve done that for almost all campaigns I’ve played where I control canoes.
    However, I see how you could go the other way with it.

    • You know what, let’s do it that way (as you play it). Partly because it makes canoes less OP, and they’re often OP. 😀 Anything that curbs them is generally a good thing.
      Also, I blew it. “All native canoes of a single nationality that are given actions must be given the same action.” I forgot that this part applies regardless of whether or not the sets of canoes are identical. I messed up since I gave the new ones explore actions while the Gravedigger’s Sentences got move actions. Consider the UT still on the island and all of the “Madagascar canoes” to be empty which I’ll fix on my next turn. I’ll update the main CG4 post again.

      Thanks for bringing up the issue, else I may not have ever noticed my actual rules gaffe.

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