3 Player Game in Las Vegas – July 3rd, 2021

Ahoy again!  This was the first of three games I played with Captain Randy in Las Vegas during July 2021.  We were joined by his friend Curren for a 3 player 60 point game.

I played the Americans, Captain Randy played the Spanish, and Curren played the Jade Rebellion.

I used the Zhanfu from Return to Savage Shores (get your own here (affiliate link)) and the Frontier.

Although the Frontier was able to explore early, I would soon regret my positioning….

As Randy’s San Cristobal promptly sank her!

I was able to get some revenge, with the Zhanfu whirling and saccing to dismast the Morning Star:

Who was captured soon afterwards:

Curren flipped Poseidon’s Breath on the Baochuan!  However, the San Cristobal was camped out with Bianco’s Haulers aboard!  The SS version allows the ship to not be shot at while docked.

The San Cristobal returned home, with the Zhanfu about to do the same.

The Americans were struggling to keep up in the gold race, while turtles were found by the Spanish.

It seems that this is how it ended:

The Scores

  1. Curren’s Jade Rebels: 35
  2. Captain Randy’s Spaniards: 14
  3. A7XfanBen’s Americans: 9
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