VASSAL Game 8 – February 6th, 2016

Game 8 on VASSAL


Another game was played between ownage98 and myself, with a 50 point build total.


Flying Dutchman + Davy Jones, captain, helmsman

Mourning Star + captain, helmsman


My Common Fleet Challenge Entry

The Lady Provost couldn’t quite make it to an island, and the Cursed had the advantage of going first.

The Victor got an SAT from Chads and missed twice on the Dutchman and failed the ram and board to lose her captain.  Then the Lord Walpole went 0/3!

VASSAL Game 8 - February 6th, 2016

Then Davy Jones rolled a 6 and the Lord Walpole sunk the Victor!  The Mourning Star finished off the Lord Walpole while the Flying Dutchman sank the Lady Provost!  The game ended with ownage98 winning by eliminating the entire English fleet, with no gold unloaded to home islands!

VASSAL Game 8 - February 6th, 2016

Current VASSAL standings: (as of 2/6/2016)

  1. a7xfanben: 4 wins in 8 games
  2. ownage98: 2 wins in 2 games
  3. xerecs: 2 wins in 5 games
  4. El Cazador: 0 wins in 1 game
  5. Captain Vendari: 0 wins in 1 game
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