1. I find it amusing that he’s complaining about Spain(One of the best factions in the game second only to Pirates imo) being “shafted” when the Cursed and Vikings have been sitting at the back of the boat ever since release. Yeah Vikings are worse off than Cursed and *maybe* Mercenaries but you can’t deny that the Cursed have been more shafted than any of the other major factions. Let’s check off what Spain has:

    SAT: Check
    EA: Check
    AA: Check
    Re-Roll: Check
    +5 Crew: Check
    Canceler: Check
    SAC: None

    They have more staples as well and even some duplicates in the form of different names. Let’s see what the cursed got..

    SAT: 1… El Fantasma(RotF)
    EA: None
    AA: None
    Re-Roller: None
    +5 Crew: None
    Canceler: None
    SAC: 1… El Fantasma(AOE)

    See the problem? Not only do the cursed have less than Spain but they also have to chose between either having a EA crew or a SAC crew. They can’t have both. They do have Davy Jones, both copies, but he’s very costly and not viable in smaller point games.

    And no, I don’t count RTSS cause it didn’t get made into production. Papa Doc would’ve been cool though.

    • The Cursed are easily the worst of the “Big 6” major factions. Though I do think Davy Jones can be viable in 40 point games. Thanks for commenting!

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