Second Point Count of the Game! +Threats and Cursed Crew Swap (CG4)

No play to report on here, but a record-breaking point count and some additional details.

Point Count (after my faction turns ending 8/16/2020)
-I counted deckplates rather than ships (I’ve done the latter for Hidden Trove purposes), which explain any discrepancies. Face down crew/equipment were counted as 3 points each as a theoretical/potential “average” when I didn’t know what crew they were. (with the exception of my own fleets, which should have the point count exact)

Spanish: 15 ships, 243 points
Jade Rebellion: 3 ships, 39 points
The Conglomerate: 10 ships, 122 points
English: 15 ships, 215 points
Pirates: 107 ships, 2,533 points (+312 from Catapults and oarsmen on HI+textiles MP, +300 from 5 Military Ports and the towns included in their effective cost, +45 from Skull Valley and its fort upgrade) (Grand Total=3190 points/gold in play)
The Cursed: 24 ships, 961 points (+30 from Catapults and oarsmen on HI, +290 from 2 Military Ports w/towns, 4 fort upgrades, and 10 for Figlar Castle) (Grand Total=1281 points/gold in play)
Vikings: 13 ships, 227 points in play
Barbary Corsairs: 24 ships, 424 points in play (+30 from Catapults and oarsmen on HI for 454 total)
Dutch: 6 ships, 76 points
Americans: 16 ships, 255 points
Mercenaries: 6 ships, ~87 points
French: 8 ships, ~115 points
Total: 250 ships, 5,297 points in play
-The count of 247 ships from the above numbers must be lower because of canoe/etc discrepancies.
Total with extra stuff included (island upgrades, catapults, etc): 6,304 points/spent gold in play

VASSAL Campaign Game 4 is now the biggest ever virtual campaign game in known Pirates CSG history!  😀 (the previous record being CG1 at 3,516 total points)

The Pirate fleet is the biggest of all time by points in play!  They beat my American fleet from CG3, who topped out at 2,414 total points.

Points Per Ship: (these use regular totals, not grand totals)
Spanish: 16.2 points/ship
Jade Rebellion: 13 points/ship
The Conglomerate: 12.2 points/ship
English: 14.3 points/ship
Pirates: 23.7 points/ship
The Cursed: 40 points/ship (!)
Vikings: 17.5 points/ship
Barbary Corsairs: 17.7 points/ship
Dutch: 12.7 points/ship
Americans: 15.9 points/ship
Mercenaries: 14.5 points/ship
French: 14.4 points/ship
Average: 21.2 points/ship (5297/250; number would be 19.2 without The Cursed)

By Player:
Xerecs: 43 ships, 619 points (17.2% of ships in play, 11.7% of points in play)
A7XfanBen: 168 ships, 4,145 points (67.2% of ships in play, 78.3% of points in play)
PirateAJ14: 36 ships, 533 points (14.4% of ships in play, 10.1% of points in play)

The last point count was in April, which showed 139 ships in play for 2067 total points. So in the last 4 months we have added 111 ships and 3230 points!

On their last turn, The Cursed did some swapping on the Chimeratron Legacy, their new flagship.  She dumped Makuta and the Powder Kegs equipment on their home island. From their spending spree she loaded Gorast from Xerecs’ Pirates of Spherus Magna, who has the Makuta keyword (not the same as the crew) for +2 to cannon rolls along with the Canceller ability.  The Savior of the Antichrist (from my Epic Seas set) came aboard to provide the Doctor ability.  Iron-Plated Hull (from the_grandmaster’s Back to War set) gives her another defensive ability.  All in all The Cursed had realized their initial setup was not optimal and have made the adjustments to get the ship ready for her maiden voyage.  She loses Extended Range and Makuta’s ability (the latter of which wouldn’t really work anyway since the possessed crew take up point space on the ship, which is maxed out at 90 points!), but gains Canceller, Doctor, and a defensive ability, while retaining the Makuta keyword’s cannon bonus.

Another Threat

From Robert Alcantara to all the other factions in the game: “If you try to take out the Arcane, we will obliterate you. She is your source of gold and hope in this game. With the recent influx of gold for the Pirates, it is too late to try and take out the Arcane in order to stop the Pirates. That cat is out of the bag!!”


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