Plunder Pack Mat First Usage – May 17th, 2015

A 3 player 40 point game was played on 5/17/2015.

Fleet 1:
Valeroso (just acquired in a trade from selvaxri) + captain, helmsman, explorer
Trinity + helmsman, explorer
Exploding Shot on the home island

Fleet 2:
Antamasia + captain

Fleet 3:
L’epee de L’ange + captain, helmsman
Freedom’s Hand

The order of gameplay was the same as the order of fleets above.

After playing the rules inconsistently for a few years, new house rules were officially instituted, and I’d like them to be permanent for my games. When a boarding party is won, not only does the winner get to pick whether they take a treasure or eliminate a crew, but they also get to pick whatever treasures they want. If you won a boarding party on an enemy ship laden with gold, would you really settle for the cheap trinkets presented to you by the guilty captain? I wouldn’t!

I’ve quickly grown tired of seeing brown wooden tables as the background for my ocean in the battle reports, so for the first time ever, the Plunder Pack game mat was used. As you can see, some of the creases and folds were still present, but they didn’t affect gameplay.

As for the home islands, they are beautiful custom creations by none other than rossinaz. I may experiment this summer with making my own custom islands, but as usual I will focus on playing first. Either way, between the mat and new islands, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing reports I’ve done yet.

The first player deliberately left Exploding Shot on their HI to maximize the Valeroso’s trip to a wild island. Between her and the Trinity, Fleet 1 loaded 5 coins on the first turn.

The Augusta marks an island explored as the Carcajou crests a wave.

Unfortunately, Fleet 3 just barely couldn’t make it to a wild island on their first turn, but with two galleys and a dangerous French gunship looming, they looked to be competitive.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

Fleet 1 was the first to bring back gold, depositing it on their beautiful new home island.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

Exploding shot on home island

The Antamasia and Carcajou looked to take gold from different islands, but the inaccurate guns of L’epee (LDA) took a mast off the Carcajou. The Valeroso loaded up Exploding Shot.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

The Augusta brought home gold for Fleet 2, but the LDA shot away the remaining mast on the Carcajou.

At this point, the game started heating up. The Trinity, still with both movement bonuses, moved S+S+S to ram and board the Antamasia, but an unsuccessful boarding attempt killed her valuable helmsman.


Fleet 2 exacted revenge on the LDA, with the Antamasia going 3 for 3 to leave the French gunship with just one mast.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

The Valeroso catches a wave as she sets the Algiers on fire with an exploding shot.

Valeroso sets Algiers aflame

Pirates CSG burning ship smoke

The LDA ran a suicide mission, taking out two masts from the Antamasia while stealing a coin. The Trinity moved S+S to take the coin from the LDA, putting a target on her back. The Augusta grabbed the Carcajou and got her out of the way, and she repaired on the next turn, bringing home gold along with the treasure from the Antamasia.

Pirates CSG combat

Seeing an opportunity, the Valeroso dumped her equipment on the last wild island that still had gold on it in order to load both treasure coins. The Algiers and Freedom’s Hand brought back gold for Fleet 3, extinguishing the fire aboard the Algiers. The Trinity began sailing for home with her gold coin. At this point, Fleet 1 had all 3 of the last coins left in play.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

For the endgame, everyone went after Fleet 1, desperate to get as much gold as possible.

endgame begins!

A huge ramming and boarding parade began in earnest, with the Trinity being caught quickly moving just S as she had lost a mast to the Antamasia a few turns earlier. The Freedom’s Hand caught up to the Valeroso, who had swapped her explorer for Exploding Shot as a free action at the beginning of her turn. The Augusta and Algiers can be seen circling islands in anticipation of cutting off Fleet 1.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

Rough seas made for an even more chaotic environment!

ramming and boarding in Pirates CSG

The Valeroso just barely couldn’t make it home, allowing the Augusta to steal a coin, at which point she immediately turned and ran. The Trinity had given up her action for the turn to swap the higher value coin to the Valeroso, who could move L+S compared to the Trinity’s pitiful S. In addition, the Trinity was in rough shape, being rammed by the Freedom’s Hand and Antamasia as her masts fell overboard. The Valeroso docked a coin home and simultaneously set the Augusta alight, upon which the fire spread quickly.

Augusta ship on fire

The Carcajou and Antamasia teamed up to sink the Trinity and coin, which was only worth 1 gold. However, there was still a 2 on the burning Augusta, which was quickly set upon by the galleys of Fleet 3. Fleet 1 watched in amusement as the Valeroso poured in a heavy fire, content to see the gold sink beneath the waves to be lost forever.

Greed, chaos and gunpowder:
Valeroso pours in a heavy fire to fiercely burning ship Augusta

The Algiers and Augusta were sunk on the next turn, but not before the Algiers gave the final coin to the Freedom’s Hand.

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

The Freedom’s Hand was promptly sunk by the Valeroso, ending the game at last!

Plunder Pack Mat First Usage - May 17th, 2015

Gold was tallied up, with plenty of booty to go around:

Fleet 1: 19 gold
Fleet 2: 15
Fleet 3: 11

Unfortunately, I think the order of play mattered a bit too much in this game, but this hasn’t been the case in many of my games. Despite this, it was a great game, hard-fought and hotly contested until the bitter end!

You’ll be seeing more of the islands (made by rossinaz) and probably more of the play mat soon!

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