Los Angeles California Gaming – 6 Players, 60 Points! (January 22nd, 2022)

Los Angeles California Gaming – 6 Players, 60 Points!

January 22nd, 2022

Following our 100 point escapade, we somewhat miraculously all had time to play another game!  This time the build total was 60 points.  To speed things up so we could finish, only 6 wild islands were used with no terrain present.

Gingerninja went first:


Followed by Gazerbeam543:




JW Darkhurst:







Gazerbeam and I coincidentally continued our conflict from the prior game, with El Neptuno sniping masts off the Franklin:


HMS Ram has been dismasted at her home island by the Chum Maker!


I was disappointed to not find much gold worth values on the wild island the Buscador hoisted from. However, I was certainly happy to find Power Cannons, which I hoped to put on the Neptuno for 4L range.


Alas, it was a game of continued conflicts. Projekt355’s Black Pearl savaged the Buscador and sank the Armada flotilla.  Gingerninja’s advantage of going first was paying off handsomely as he explored 3 different islands.


The Buscador rows for home as El Neptuno cuts down masts on the Black Pearl:


The Spanish eventually prevailed, but not before the Buscador was sunk by the BP. Gazerbeam’s fleet repairs in the northwest as more brotherly battles break out between the Bowens.


The Chum Maker’s reign of terror continues as the Star of Siam is dismasted!


The Spanish-Pirate war continued as it often has in games I’ve been involved in, with El Neptuno now battling the Akua Lapu before both sides retreated to repair. In the foreground, I saw Gingerninja as the obvious winner unless drastic measures were taken, but the Rosario’s bum rush was quickly stifled with a firepot from L’Heros.


The accumulation continues at one island paradise… not so much for the others!


The game was already winding down. El Neptuno sailed out to do something about it, but was outnumbered.


I managed to snag the Intrepide but the game ended shortly thereafter.



Gingerninja: 20 gold

JW Darkhurst: 12

Gazerbeam543: 8

Xerecs/Projekt355/A7XfanBen: 0


The Bowen Brothers and I enjoyed a good meal at Daglas after the heavy day of pirating!

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