HMS GT 2 vs. USS Kettering Deadly Weapon – December 21st, 2014

HMS Grand Temple vs. USS Kettering

For the next three game series, there would be a deathmatch series between two 40 point fleets.

The two fleets were my second HMS Grand Temple fleet (HMS Grand Temple v 2.0) and my fleet with USS Kettering (USS Kettering – Deadly Weapon).  (two of the best gunships ever!)

HMS Grand Temple v 2.0
HMS Grand Temple v 2.0 fleet

USS Kettering – Deadly Weapon

The Death’s Anchor is proxying in for the Minuteman while the Diablo is a proxy for the Armada.
USS Kettering - Deadly Weapon fleet
Two islands were placed 6L apart and the games got under way. The GT (Grand Temple) fleet didn’t use Divers or the UT’s since it was a deathmatch. The GT fleet went first for the first two games and the Kettering went first in the last game, not that it really mattered. Both fleets simply tried to maneuver to get the first shot. With three cancellers, two flotillas and the Grand Temple things were bound to get heated quickly!

Game 1:
The GT got the SAT from Crimson Angel and moved just out of range of the cancelling Kettering HMS GT 2 . She had 5 guns in range and hit every time, dismasting the Kettering and Algeciras. The Armada retaliated but only hit once in four tries, although this eliminated CRGO (Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen). The Minuteman also went 1 for 4 to take a second mast off the GT. The Grand Temple then sank both the Algeciras and Kettering. The Minuteman sank the Rye and the Armada hit the GT twice, eliminating both H. Gold and Lawrence. The GT eliminated the flag on Armada but only had two guns left so she couldn’t sink her, allowing Armada to dismast the Temple and win the game for the Spanish Americans!

Game 2:
For the second game the GT again waited to get an SAT from Angel in order to strike first, taking out both flotillas in a 6 for 6 shoot action. After the first game the GT didn’t want to face the flotillas late in the game.

Luis Zuan was cancelled aboard the Algeciras but she moved to ram and dismast the Rye, who was still able to move with her oar power. The Kettering, originally with her stern to the GT, managed to get two of her three guns in range and hit all 4 times, once again leaving the GT with only two masts. However, this was just enough for the GT to shoot and ram the Kettering to dismast her. The Algeciras sunk the Rye but the GT then dismasted the Algeciras, giving the English a victory to even the series at one apiece.

Game 3:
For the third game the Spanish Americans decided to be more aggressive and try to at least get a shot in before the GT got the SAT. The Algeciras maneuvered the Armada to get her S+S range guns just into range, hitting 1 out of 3 times and eliminating CRGO (cargo just like the ability says Laughing ). The Minuteman and Algeciras also got a few hits in to leave the GT with three masts. The Kettering missed the GT twice before the GT could retaliate, dismasting the Kettering. However, the flotillas showed their power once again by combining to sink the GT.

For this series, the USS Kettering fleet defeated the HMS GT 2 fleet 2 games to 1.

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