First VASSAL Game for Repkosai – June 25th, 2017

First VASSAL game for repkosai


Just played a quick 30 point game with repkosai.

He went first:

Concord + captain

Philadelphia + helmsman


My SM-only old school Pirate fleet:

Shadow + captain, helmsman

El Ballista + captain

I used the Ballista as a suicide attack ship, similar to how I’ve seen her described before.  The Concord and Philadelphia broke from the wild island and sailed away.  The Ballista caught the Concord and hit once in three tries.

First VASSAL Game for Repkosai - June 25th, 2017

The Concord and Philadelphia turned to fight, but the Ballista was already charging forward once more!  She mashed masts off of both ships before losing one of her own to the Concord’s accurate cannons.  The Philadelphia rammed the Ballista to give her the Plague, which eliminated her captain.  By this point the Shadow had unloaded an island worth of gold, and the Ballista was able to finish off the Americans.  The Pirates of 2004 had won a 5-0 victory!

First VASSAL Game for Repkosai - June 25th, 2017

This was a very short and simple game, but it was repkosai’s first game on VASSAL and we hope to play more soon!

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