Command the Oceans – Two faction turns (10/9/2017)

Two faction turns were played today.

This shows the entire Jade fleet, with their battle squadron becoming stronger by the turn.

The JR wild island had run out of resources briefly, but then began producing food again! This marked the second time the island has had food, which was the main source of Jade wealth in the early part of the game.

The Cursed fleet, with more cargo ships than ever running resources to support the war effort against the Jades.

Looking up at the imposing Roost and the giant dragon:

Shal-Bala is ready to take flight again!!

But this won’t be a raid! It will be a reconnaissance flyover!

Here you “become the dragon” and get Shal-Bala’s view of things. A treat indeed! XD The beast flies higher and higher above the sea….

Shal-Bala picks up speed and heads east!

Flying over the Tunnel!

Those two “moving shots” were fun to get, but here’s a more static shot of the top of the Tunnel! At first glance it looks to be somewhat barren but covered with some grass and rocks. Also, both ends and both sides of the Tunnel’s top are different than the other.

Shal-Bala flies all the way over to Mission’s Pirate Kingdom! This gives the Cursed full knowledge of the piratical activities being carried out! XD However, the Pirates spot the dragon flying above! At this point the Pirates are aware of the Cursed beast, and certainly assume the Cursed are a powerful faction as a result.

The experiments have been completed, and Devereaux has succeeded!!! Originally a French privateer, Devereaux has lost his sanity to his obsession with finding the Dragon’s Eye, a gem that legend says grants the owner immortality. Devereaux found his great obsession, the Eye of the Dragon. It’s power was everything he hoped it was – and more: Its power condemned him to a living death under its control. But not only that, it inspired him to combine two amazing UT’s into one bizarre and hideous creation!!



After finding both the Eye of Insanity (considered to be the same as the Eye of the Dragon for this game) and the Cursed Conch early in the game, Devereaux left his ship (the Boneyard at the time) to focus his efforts on some “experiments”. After MANY turns (almost the whole game so far lol), he finally succeeded in planting the Eye inside the Cursed Conch! The freakish creation has resulted in a Cursed gimmick that could alter how they play the game.

Rules for The Eye: The Cursed can use the Eye on their turns to see anything and everything on ALL oceans.


I know there are some parallels between this and the Eye of Sauron, but between the Cursed finding those two UT’s on the northern island that used to produce gold and Devereaux’s flavor text, it was too good to pass up. It is an “all-knowing” or omniscient Eye that can see everyone at all times! O_O

With that, here we go! Since you can see what the factions see and the Cursed now have the Eye, the entirety of all three oceans will finally be revealed!

The Sea of Allost:

The Caribbean, looking from southeast to northwest:

Looking from southwest to northeast:

The Sea of Karkuda:

I did still leave something out of the picture to the southeast… it’s not a big deal and nothing to get super excited about, but it seems like there should be at least one more “reveal” when the stuff there is found.

With that, I move to the Caribbean next, and hope to play more Wednesday-Friday this week than I did these past few days.

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