Challenge of Snails: Broadside Heaven

Originally published to Miniature Trading on September 9th, 2011

CoS: Broadside Heaven

This is for Nemo’s Challenge of Snails fleet contest.
My favourite ship of all time is the HMS Lord Algernon, and although not usually very practical, this is a good chance for me to include her. The defensive ability helps the Algernon early on, while the Galapagos’ ability is possibly even more important, giving her a distinct advantage in this particular contest (at least until she gets hit).

The Lord Algernon will be helped by the SAT, with a better chance of success due to Doone. She can be the escort, or sink any enemy ships that have a hold full of gold.

The Galapagos goes out at S+L and takes the best two treasure from two islands.

I originally had both as gunships, but saw a decent opportunity (with Ismail) to have a balance. The biggest vulnerability is when the Galapagos gets hit. Then my gold-running strategy dies quickly. As usual, crew-killers also pose a threat. The Algernon especially can’t afford to lose any crew.

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Section: Ship #1 (4 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Captain PofSM EC-CA Crew U
1 x Countess Diana Doone PofBC 208 Crew PR
1 x HMS Lord Algernon PofSMU 043 Ship R
1 x Sir Christopher Myngs PofSMU 058 Crew R
Section: Ship #2 (3 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Explorer PofSM EC-EX Crew C
1 x First Mate Ismail PofBC 059 Crew C
1 x HMS Galapagos PofSCS 048 Ship U


Challenge of Snails - Broadside Heaven

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