3 Players at 60 Points – July 5th, 2015

Fleet 1:
Grand Path + Shap-‘ng-TsaiMs. ChengKian Ng, captain, helmsman, oarsman
Virtuous Wind + captain, helmsman, explorer
Glorious Treasure + helmsman
Jade Rebellion fleet at home island

Fleet 2: 
Poor Adams + captain, helmsman
San Pedro + cannoneer, explorer, oarsman
Algiers + explorer
HMS Meresman + captain, helmsman
+ fire shot on the home island

Fleet 3:
L’epee de L’ange + helmsman
Antamasia + helmsman
Napolitana + captain
USS Buffalo + explorer

Three wild islands were used, with a reef in front of each one and two sargasso seas in the middle of the trio of wild islands.

The Jade Rebellion sets out:
Jade Rebellion ships sailing

Partway through the second turn, and the Grand Path has already sunk the Napolitana: (sorry, turtle ship is built incorrectly)

The islands from rossinaz functioned as the HI’s:
Ross in AZ home island cliff

The Grand Path sunk the Buffalo and moved on to face the Epee, while the Virtuous Wind and Poor Adams squared off after the Meresman was dismasted.
3 Players at 60 Points - July 5th, 2015

The Epee, desperate to avoid the Grand Path, got stuck in a sargasso sea. The Virtuous Wind and Poor Adams were locked in a brutal engagement.
3 Players at 60 Points - July 5th, 2015

The Poor Adams managed to ram the second mast off the Virtuous Wind before the VW went on to dismast the Poor Adams and sink the Algiers after the Grand Path dismasted the Algiers.

In the end, only the VW, Glorious Treasure, and Epee got home safely with gold.

The Jades (Fleet 1) finished with 11 gold, with 5 gold for Fleet 3 and 0 for Fleet 2.

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