Pirates of the Caribbean movies – Ranking them all!

Ranking the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

Pirates of the Caribbean movies are my all time favorite.  I have found no better movie or series that combines action, adventure, excitement, and some historical details so beautifully and perfectly.  I like them so much more than other movies that they almost “break the scale” for me in terms of ranking other movies.  In addition, I usually enjoy even my least favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie more than any other movies.

In Pirates CSG Podcast #30, I briefly ranked all 5 of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  You can find that podcast at the bottom of this page, but in this post I wanted to rank all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in text form, more comprehensively.  I know this is a little off-topic compared to my usual Pirates CSG focus, but between the 2007 expansion and intense relation to Pirates CSG (exact same theme), I think it’s quite fitting.  Keep in mind that my ratings are comparing these movies against each other – compared to all movies in general, I would rate them all about 9/10 or better haha! (I love them that much)  So without further ado, here is my official opinion on ranking what I believe to be the best movie series of all time!

1. The Curse of the Black Pearl

The first movie is the most classic.  A true swashbuckling film from start to finish, this movie resurrected the pirate genre and spurred a blockbuster series that has lasted 15+ years.  


  • Cast and the characters they portray
  • Historical setting mixed with the right amount of fantasy
  • Understandable plot with twists and turns that make things exciting
  • Multiple climaxes in a way – many peak experiences throughout the movie
  • Unforgettable music, on par with the best in movie history

Cons: None?  I feel that CotBP is the most perfect movie I’ve ever seen!

Ben’s Rating: 10/10

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow

Best game piece from Pirates CSG: Captain Jack Sparrow

This ship can move and shoot using the same move action. When this ship is given an explore action, you can swap a treasure on the wild island with a crew on any friendly ship.
Link: All Pirate Ships

  • Collector’s Number: 058
  • Faction Affiliation: Pirate
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Crew
  • Point Value: 6

CJS is arguably the best crew in the entire game, as proved by VASSAL Tournaments #1 and #2. You could make a case that he is the single best game piece ever released by Wizkids. When most of the best fleets in the history of the game have this guy as their centerpiece, you know he’s amazing, and you also know that something went wrong. I do find it rather ironic that our beloved character is such a dominant force in the game, since he’s such a major character in the movies as well.


2. Dead Man’s Chest

The second movie was shot simultaneously with the third movie, and DMC does serve as a link to At World’s End while the first movie is really on it’s own in terms of the plot.  While Dead Man’s Chest is another fantastic pirate movie, it’s definitely not as perfect as the first one. (though it would be nigh impossible to match the original of course)


  • We get to see Captain Jack in a completely different state
  • Great amount of fitting humor
  • Davy Jones and his crew are menacing but fun


  • No ship battle
  • Kraken a bit overpowered/excessive

Ben’s Rating: 8/10

Best game piece from Pirates CSG: HMS Endeavour

HMS Endeavour PotC

HMS Endeavour

  • Collector’s Number: 003
  • Faction Affiliation: England
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 21
  • Cargo Space: 4
  • Base Move: L
  • Cannons: 2L,2L,2L,2L,2L
  • Number of Masts: 5

This ship eliminates two masts with one hit.

Flavor text: Lord Beckett’s flagship and the symbol of the Crown’s power, HMS Endeavour is the most impressive warship on the sea.

Sure she didn’t play much of a role until the 3rd movie, but this cannot be avoided.  Just about on par with El Acorazado and the Constitution as the best gunship in the game. Combine the best guns money can buy with just about the best offensive ship ability in the game, and give those to the most offensively-minded faction, and you’ve got a warship for the ages.


3. At World’s End

The 3rd movie is in my opinion the most EPIC, which gets it major points in my book.  The movie is the culmination and grand climax of the first 3 movies, building everything up to some of the most epic moments ever seen in movies.  The humor is still there, the cast is top-notch, and there are few movies that can match its brilliance.  A complicated and difficult-to-follow plot is the only thing that holds it back from being as good as the first movie.


  • EPIC!!  On par with Lord of the Rings for me.
  • Everything you could want in an epic/action/adventure/Disney/pirate movie
  • Climax and payoff of just about all major storylines built up from the start of the first movie
  • Incredible actions scenes including an epic ship battle
  • LUDICROUSLY amazing soundtrack


  • Overly complicated – plot can be very difficult to follow at times

Ben’s Rating: 9.5/10

Best game piece from Pirates CSG: Hai Peng

Hai Peng PotC

An afterthought in the movie, overpowered with the right crew in the game

  • Collector’s Number: 013
  • Faction Affiliation: Pirate
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 13
  • Cargo Space: 4
  • Base Move: S+L
  • Cannons: 3S,4S
  • Number of Masts: 2

Junk. If this ship has a captain crew, she gets +L to her base move.

But where would Captain Jack Sparrow be without a ship? It might not be a ship he even sailed on in the movies, but the Hai Peng is the fastest ship in the entire game, and the fleets involved in T1 and T2 prove how insanely effective it is to pair them up. The only reason the Hai Peng isn’t higher is because without CJS, the HP wouldn’t be as ridiculously good.


4. On Stranger Tides

The 4th movie was supposed to have a smaller budget and reduced cast from the trilogy of 1-3, so I went in with lowered expectations.  That was key to my enjoying the movie, as it turned out to be an (arguably inevitable) serious letdown to most of the fanbase.  With Captain Jack trying to hold up a lesser cast by himself, the movie just doesn’t have the magic, scale, and excitement of the originals.  A “new era” of Pirates of the Caribbean is born after the true high of AWE’s ending scenes.


  • New characters to spice things up (though they aren’t quite as good as those from the original 3 movies)
  • Adventuring theme that may have been slightly lacking in movies 2 and 3


  • A bit “meh” in nearly every way – just not the same for cast, music, plot, action, or emotions
  • No ship battle – in fact, not a single cannon shot I believe!  🙁

Ben’s Rating: 4/10 (still 8.5+/10 compared to all other movies)

With this movie and the 5th one being released after Pirates CSG went out of print in 2008, there were no game pieces from this movie.  However, we can make customs!


5. Dead Men Tell No Tales

If the “lower budget” and different cast made me appreciate the 4th one more, I was overhyped for the 5th movie.  Although fantastic overall, myself and others had many gripes with the movie, from the casting to the plot to redundant repetition.  It’s a fun movie, just not quite as great as the trailers or cast would make you expect.  You can find my full review of the movie here.


  • Humor – St. Martin town scene, wedding scene, etc.
  • Blurring of lines between good vs. bad – you can easily root for the antagonist


  • Wasted star power (Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Paul McCartney are hardly in the movie!)
  • Continuity issues/plot holes
  • Too unrealistic – many bizarre things that were really obvious mistakes
  • Meh characters/acting – even Captain Jack is not the same anymore

Ben’s Rating: 6/10 (still 9/10 compared to all other movies)

Although there aren’t game pieces from DMTNT, I’ve made some customs that you can find at the bottom of the Epic Seas sheet (4th tab).

You can also find all the movies in boxed sets, not to mention the excellent soundtracks.

Here you can hear my opinion during the 30th episode of the Podcast.  I’ve also ranked the Top 10 Caribbean game pieces and the best game pieces from the set with multiple versions.

Check out the other episodes of the Podcast here.


Pirates of the Caribbean celebration game 1

Pirates of the Caribbean celebration game played in 2017 to celebrate the 5th movie and 10th anniversary of the 3rd movie! Click for the battle report!

Ranking: #001 ships – Flagships of their sets

Originally posted to Miniature Trading on June 22nd, 2018

Ranking: #001 ships – Flagships of their sets

I’ve always thought that the first game piece of each set had to be at least somewhat special in some way. Normally it’s a large rare ship from the signature/featured faction, or just the Pirates of course.

Here I rank the “flagships” or signature ships of each set against each other! This was actually pretty hard!

1. Revenant 
Ranking: #001 ships - Flagships of their sets

A classic to this day, the Revenant is still a devastating gunship. The sheer firepower is the main attraction, but she’s got just enough cargo, speed, and ability to warrant high consideration when choosing a Pirate gunship at any build total.

2. Black Swan 

This ship’s looks and ability are her main calling cards. The guns and cargo are strictly mediocre, but S+S at this size makes her pretty good. The Pirates have better options for large gunships, but the Black Swan is an interesting option if you want to go international. Reasons could include Gus Schultz Grim the Savage , etc.

3. Deliverance 

I like the next ship better, but there’s no denying the importance of speed in this game. S+L on a 5 master is amazing. Everything else is average or worse, with the flashy but overpriced Ghost Ship keyword inflating her cost. Still, a combination of captain/helmsman/world hater/action generator can make this one of the more fearsome flagships out there.

4. Divine Dragon 

One of my favorite Cursed ships and a classic in my games, this junk is powerful and quick. Essentially 6 rank-3 cannons moving at S+S for just 16 points, she’s a solid deal. A captain and helmsman are needed, and a rare use of Sir Edmund is perfect to allow Davy Jones to come aboard as well. Tons of great combos also available with the linked Fantasma.

5. Flying Dutchman 

A classic remade into a “Pirate” ship, this behemoth is made for monster setups. You’ll want to really crew her up to optimize her effectiveness; I’d recommend starting with captain/helmsman/world hater/oarsman (the latter to “protect” Eternal) and going crazy from there. XD

6. Nubian Prince 

Almost like the pretty prince in a group of nasty killers, the Nubian Prince would be boring if not for her incredibly overpowered ability. Arguments could be made to move her up or down this list; I’m going in the middle knowing her overall effectiveness is somewhat limited but unfortunately I have to respect how incredible the ability is during gameplay.

Now we get into what I sometimes call “ugly ducklings”. XD Rank these next 3 however you like.

7. Flying Dutchman 

Devastating firepower at both short and long range, this version has always been crippled by a slow base move and a somewhat unfitting ability. Could have been so much more, but still a good option among Cursed gunships.

8. Foresight 

A large Pirate hybrid perfect for Hammersmith / Barstow /oarsman, the Foresight is a bit of an enigma among Pirate ships. Severely outclassed by La Victoire , she would be a star in some other factions. As a Pirate ship, she gets passed on for superior options. Still a fun ship, and I can attest to her capabilities – underrated in my opinion.

9. Fool’s Hope 

Oof. 19 points for just 3 cargo, very average guns and speed, an underpriced ability (Eternal) and an overpriced ability. The second ability just doesn’t add much – you’re going to eliminate a crew or (unlikely) take a treasure anyway. Using a world hater is a great idea, and the Pirates have plenty of other combo crew (like Hammersmith) to make the low cargo work. Still, the PotC Flying Dutchman is considerably better for just one more point, so Fool’s Hope ranks the lowest of these three 5 masters. If she was the same price as her other version, she’d be a bit more interesting. (but still inferior to that FH, so basically lose-lose…)

10. Nautilus 

Tough seeing such a famous ship this low, but she’s not going to be great at getting gold or fighting. She’s often relegated to a bodyguard role in campaign games as part of a super squadron of concentrated cancellers.

11. Grand Dynasty 

An unfitting name for such a lackluster ship. A crippling base move combines with a boring ability to make for a not-so-great “flagship”. Solid cannons and a solid link won’t save her. Grand Temple or Grand Path should have been 001 for this set.

12. Beowulf 

Better than most icebreakers, but still largely mediocre as far as 3 masted ships go. For a few more points you can get one of the powerful Viking 3 masted longships, and Polaris has a better ability that’s perfect for Sigurd Andersen .

13. Krulth from Return to Savage Shores

Another ineffective squid, much meh.

14. He’e 

Awful, awful, awful. Even the Americans have a better creature than this trash. Silly mistake by Wizkids to put this out. No way that gimmicky ability is worth hardly any points. At 9 points (half cost), it would rarely get used. Almost as horrendous as it gets; no redeeming qualities that I can see.

Ranking the rarest Pirates CSG items

This was originally posted at Miniature Trading on February 23rd, 2015

Ranking the rarest Pirates CSG items

While making the Thread of Threads I really got absorbed in reading about all of the old collecting days with new sets, eBay, and rare items.

Is it possible to rank the rarest items in Pirates CSG? Especially with some of the collectors no longer on the forum, it will be more difficult than it would have been a few years ago.

1. “1 of 1’s” – game pieces that have only one known copy in existence

-F&S 135 Castigue

-F&S 136 Blue Heron

Adventure Book

Here are the Castigue and Blue Heron, picture courtesy of old_man. You can also see them in this picture along with the “Black Beauty” and 1 masted galley metal supersized ships, made by burnthills. The Sea Dragon is a custom fan-made Vieil Homme made for old_man by J_ARRRRR_P.

old_man Ships in a Bottle - Castigue and Blue Heron

-F&S 137 – ???

-F&S 138 – ???

These two (as well as the Ochobrazo) could be out there somewhere. Neither old_man nor any other public collectors can verify their physical existence. There is also a mythical version of Sir Christopher Myngs, brought to light by algorab. Searching google for the picture brought up this site, which I had never seen before. The five master also looks like a prototype because it doesn’t appear to be either the Revenant or Harbinger based on the hull.



As for other goodies, the rankings quickly become more difficult. There are supposedly around 30 Obago Deuce’s, and some small number of Scandinavian Islands: (from Wikipedia)

2008 – Promo Ship Obago Deuce – This extremely rare ship was scheduled to be a late year promo for in-store handout, but was only distributed in very limited quantities to employees and convention-helper Privateers. Some have made their way out on the resellers market as well. About 30 are known to exist, but more are assumed to have been printed. As such, this is the rarest ‘produced ship’ in the series, and highly sought after by collectors, though thoroughly unspectacular in game-play.

(13 of them given to the pdxyar.org (Portland) group, with another 17 apparently out there as well. After at least one (?) was burnt to a crisp (lol) there may be 29 in existence.)

-Two Home islands released with the “Donald Duck & Co. #26” (Kalle Anka) comic magazine only in Scandinavia on 7/20/06 – these packs contained two ships (El Cazadora & Glorious Treasure, both identical to their English releases), a paper slip of treasure coins to cut out, rules, and two cardboard islands which are labelled “Home” on one side. Due to their limited distribution, these two islands are highly prized by completist collectors and quite hard to come by.


Other notably hard-to-acquire pieces:

-F&S LE’s
-CC LE’s

(from Wikipedia:)

2004 – Scrye the Explorer (SM card # PP735) – Exclusive Explorer crew packed in the Sept. 2004 Scrye magazine (issue 75) along with the ship Bloody Throne.

2004 – The Bloody Throne (SM card # PP375) – Exclusive three-masted ship packed in the Sept. 2004 Scrye magazine (issue 75) with the crew card “Scrye the Explorer”.

2006 – Gale Force Nine (SCS card # 301) – A four-masted Pirate ship LE, free by mail with proof-of-purchase when you buy either one of two island terrain sets from the Gale Force Nine game company.

2008 – Rise of the Fiends Cursed Ship (Specter) – originally customers had to mail in the Specter story (a paper insert) from a pack, but after a packaging problem in which few of these actually packed, WizKids changed this to any story from this set, plus a receipt & postage.

2008 – Fire & Steel Cursed Scorpion Ship (Chum Maker) – customers had to mail in the Chum Maker story (a paper insert) from a pack plus a receipt, wrapper and postage.

PP-471 Bust – Advantage Trophy A larger plastic bust given as a prize in 2005 – this one is painted in multiple colors

2008 – Rise of the Fiend “Stories”, one of ten possible paper inserts in booster packs telling different crew/ship stories. A packing error made these stories very hard to collect as they do not appear in every pack as advertised – more like one in ten packs.


Does someone actually have the Scandinavian comic book itself? It would be interesting to see scans of the relevant pages.

Can anyone verify that the Grinder was harder to acquire than the other 3 mega cards found in the tins? I mention this since some of the older topics made me wonder.

Relevant thread

Any help filling out this list would be great, but I realize it’s subjective after ranking the 1 of 1’s and Obago Deuce.

Original thread at Miniature Trading – click to open in new tab for full size

Ranking the rarest Pirates CSG items

Ranking: Top 10 Return to Savage Shores game pieces

Return to Savage Shores was the final set designed, but it was never released due to Wizkids getting shut down. Here are my Top 10 game pieces from the set!

You can find the original threads here or look at the spreadsheet for the set here.

1. GWL (American Mycron)

2. Fetu

Basically OP with the following game piece aboard…

3. Lady Roimata

Pairs well with a ton of great French ships, both gunships and gold runners.

4. Rocinante

Has very good speed for a hoist and could even do pretty well as a raider between that ability and somewhat serviceable guns.

5. English Native Canoes/French Native Canoes/Pirate Native Canoes

Unlike the SS canoes, these sets are harder to differentiate in the rankings. The English ones make it possible to do all sorts of crazy repair options, including sea monsters. The French ones are definitely the best pure gold runners in the bunch, and the easiest to fit into a fleet (and onto a ship for the chieftain). The Pirate ones may have the slowest speed and a somewhat high cost, but the potential for swarm-raiding a home island (especially with hoists and/or major support nearby) is just awesome and has some real potential. Consider that you could get 5 coins at once for less total points than the Wicked Wench or Belladonna .

6. Zhanfu

The fastest 10 master in the game! Capable of 6S speed and 20 shots rather easily when you consider the Mercenary and American crew available. Tons of great combos as with the other 10 masters.

7. HMS Halcyon

Slight upgrade over HMS London .

8. Colector del Dia

One of my favorite ships, and essentially an upgraded version of my classic favorite the Cazador del Pirata, this is a fantastic hybrid that is criminally underrated when compared to other Spanish ships.

9. Fortaleza

10. Papa Doc

Cursed finally got a proper canceller crew. Amazing addition for them, and works great on their fun array of flagships including two 10 masters.

Just missed: Sskwa’aluk, USS Strongarm, Plague of the South

Honorable mentions:
Renard a Ailes
HMS Goodfellow
Sebastian Rojo
Abandoned Charts
Native Lore
USS Conscript

(Spanish cargo master excluded due to massive similarity with my SS rankings)

Ranking: Top 10 Return to Savage Shores game pieces

Original thread on Miniature Trading

Ranking: Top 10 Savages Shores pieces

1. Navigators/Cargo Master

Utterly broken in campaign games, and I don’t like them, but they are extremely good.

2. Native Canoes 

3. Native Canoes 

4. Libellule 

5. Shap’ng Tsai 

Essentially giving every faction a sac captain cannot be overstated. (especially for the minor factions!)

6. Frontier 

7. Shui Xian / Celtic Fury 

I am massively biased towards the SX and she can often be a better ship due to crew differences and I like having those rank-2 guns even if it means an extra 4, but they’re similar enough that it’s tough not to rank them together.

8. Altar of the Loa 

“Oops!” XD

9. Capitaine Baudouin Deleflote 

10. Buscador 

Honorable mentions: (actually sort of in order for once since it’s a small set and easy to look at)
Celestine / Master Scribe 
Akua Lapu 
Honu Iki 

Celestine’s Charts 
Bianco’s Haulers 
Native Canoes 
Commodore Peregrine Stern 
Metal Dragon 
Cannibal King (I love this thing too much! Laughing)
Duncan Rousseau 
Frond of Fisaga 
Necklace of the Sky

Ranking: Top 10 Savages Shores pieces

Original thread at Miniature Trading

Ranking: Top 10 Fire & Steel game pieces

1. Lord Mycron 

2. Hammersmith 

3. Equipment (mostly Fire/Exploding/Stinkpot/Grape Shot)

Grapple, Chain, Double, and Smokepot aren’t as good, but you forgot one: Stinkpot Shot. It can be devastating when it hits at the right time, and is a great (and sickeningly cheap) way of going after stuff like the Acorazado and Constitution, or 10 masters in general.

4. San Pedro / Morning Star 

Both are fantastic gold runners – the San Pedro has the best gold running ability in the game, but the MS can go faster and carry more for the same point cost.

5. Victor de Alva 

6. Flotillas

Armada stands above the rest, but the others are generally similar in effectiveness.

7. Various 5 masters

Tough to pick between some of the rares and the LE Morning Stars, since they’re so similar and many cost 14 points.

8. Lezard

Not as good as some other tiny French runners, but underrated due to her rarity (and perhaps because almost nobody knows what the ship looks like).

9. Cygnet 

10. Skin Flayer 

Just missed: Thomas Gunn Barstow / Blackbeard Montana Mays 

Honorable Mentions: Jeux Conquerant HMS Ram Poor Adams Pawtucket HMS Salient Saber Splinter Freedom’s Hand Sol USS Lenox Coconut Roberto Santana Lenoir (would be top 10 but CC version is nearly the same), Turtles Ammunition , Letters of Marque/Soul Mark equipment, Treasure Cards

Ranking: Top 10 Fire & Steel game pieces

Original thread on Miniature TradingRank

Ranking: Top 10 Rise of the Fiends game pieces

1. San Cristobal 

2. Dominic Freda 

3. TGunn/HGold

4. Ralph David / Gus Schultz 

5. San Cristobal 

6. Grinder 

7. Gibraltar 

8. Luis Zuan 

9. Fool’s Hope 

10. All other flotillas in the set

Just missed (likely in this order): El Fantasma , Aberdeen Baron , HMS Apollo , Griffin , Lenoir 

Honorable Mentions: HMS Apollo , Magdalena Bloody Blade Sean “Cannonball” Gallows , Lady’s Scorn Concepcion Tepant Rising Sun Grim Reaper Trevor Van Tyne , both versions of Crimson Angel, Dominic Freda Capitaine Arazure Captain Mysion HMS Forge Hades’ Realm Isabela Delusion Specter ; various other ships as well actually

Ranking: Top 10 Rise of the Fiends game pieces

Original thread at Miniature Trading

Ranking: PotC multi-version game pieces

Here’s a Rankings idea a little more off the path than the others. I will rank the various Pirates of the Caribbean game pieces that have more than one version. It was a cool set in my opinion, and many of the movie ships and crew made interesting appearances.

Black Pearl
1. Black Pearl 
The max speed of L+S+S with wicked good guns makes this ship one of the best gunships in the game.
2. Black Pearl (damaged) 
I actually think this one is closer to the undamaged version than most other people might, and it’s not far behind. This one is more of a short-range brawler, with all-S guns instead of L, and the very nice crew protect ability.
3. Black Pearl 
This one is inferior to the other two in pretty much every way. It’s still a pretty solid gunship, but not close to the other two versions.

For the purists out there, I would rank the Wicked Wench #3 and the SR version #4.

Flying Dutchman
1. Flying Dutchman 
I think I will get a LOT of flak for this lol. Keep in mind, I think all 3 of these are extremely close. However, you cannot ignore the ability of this FD to be the most flexible in terms of the build total and in terms of gold gathering ability.
2. Flying Dutchman 
This version is technically superior to the above, but the abilities add 9 points to the cost, which makes the ship tough to use in 40 point games and two of them (Ghost Ship and “crew massacre”) usually aren’t worth it. Definitely a Pirate flagship with the right (and expensive) crew setup, but better used in big games and not exactly a gold ship with the crew complement most people put aboard.
3. Flying Dutchman 
It’s not part of the PotC set, but the PotC FD’s should have been Cursed and this is the original version for our game as well as the most powerful on a pure firepower basis. It’s a solid gunship, and one of the most important ships the Cursed got. However, the speed, big cost, and borderline-useless BA keyword hold her back severely. In fact, here the BA keyword is not only difficult to use (getting all 5 in range when the ship is healthy), but it shortens the range of the cannons and usually isn’t worth it to put all your shots in one die roll.

-Like I said, I think all of these are quite close. A very good argument could be made to have them in the opposite order, especially if you emphasize mega-gunship setups and how important the DJC version is to the Cursed (while the PotC versions aren’t nearly as vital to the Pirate gunship options).

1. Empress 
2. Empress (undamaged) 

Again, very close here. This is just a tossup between a player’s preference: wicked cannons or slightly better speed. The undamaged version is probably better in smaller (build total) and more competitive games with the higher speed and lower cost, but I like the “dreadnought” type of ship better sometimes. XD

Captain Jack Sparrow
1. Captain Jack Sparrow 
No contest here, as this is arguably the best named crew in the entire game.
2. Cursed Captain Jack 
This version is ANNOYING! XD Really good though, especially in huge games.
3. Jack Sparrow 
Good but pales in comparison to the others.

Davy Jones
1. Davy Jones 
Really getting out of the PotC set here lol, but the theme is good enough. I’ve found this one to be more useful than the copier version, but I do need to use the copier more to really know. Either way both are far better as the game gets bigger and bigger.
2. Davy Jones 
3. Captain Davy Jones 
One of the most unique and confusing crew in the game, but not usually worth using when you can get better crew for less or equivalent points.

1. Captain Barbossa 
2. Cursed Captain Barbossa 

World hater vs. Fear is really no contest even when Fear is priced appropriately at 2 points.

Will Turner
1. Will Turner 
I’m not a huge user of either secondary ability, but I much prefer the option to S-board for the extra point compared to…
2. Will Turner 
… one of the most overrated abilities in the game, and one that almost never proves decisive in actual games. I can’t remember the last time this ability actually turned a boarding party, let alone influenced the end result of a game.

Ms. Swann
1. Captain Elizabeth Swann 
2. Elizabeth Swann 

This is a tossup and it depends completely on the build total. Rerolls are easy enough to come by in campaign games, but the AA (Admiral’s Action) ability is VERY good the longer the game goes and the higher the build total is. Of course, in most games people play (aka 60 points and below), reroll wins easily.

James Norrington
1. Admiral James Norrington 
2. Norrington 

1. The Kraken 
2. Kray-kin 
3. Beastie 
4. A Fearsome Creature 

Kind of a tossup between the two pairs – can you afford the more expensive/better one, or do you need those points elsewhere to complete your fleet.

Post your disagreements, opinions, and your own rankings! Very Happy

Ranking: PotC multi-version game pieces

Original thread at Miniature Trading

Ranking: Top 10 Pirates of the Caribbean game pieces

The Pirates of the Caribbean set marked a number of changes to the game. The ships had new masts that were less prone to breaking, rounder tabs for easier construction, and no more pennant flags. These changes were generally for the better, but the set was marred by a variety of things. These included a collation fiasco with entire booster boxes full of commons (and yes, some full of super rare packs), and just 2 factions despite the Cursed being a strange omission.

I like the set a lot, and think it was a cool business and marketing move for both parties. It’s awesome to see our favorite characters and ships from the movies in the game, and it can lead to fun ironies and cool games.

Here are my Top 10 game pieces from the PotC set:

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

I’ve played so many games by this point that my entire list can almost be strictly based on game results, which is what matters. CJS is arguably the best crew in the entire game, as proved by VASSAL Tournaments #1 and #2. You could make a case that he is the single best game piece ever released by Wizkids. When most of the best fleets in the history of the game have this guy as their centerpiece, you know he’s amazing, and you also know that something went wrong. I do find it rather ironic that our beloved character is such a dominant force in the game, since he’s such a major character in the movies as well.

2. HMS Endeavour

Just about on par with El Acorazado and the Constitution as the best gunship in the game. Combine the best guns money can buy with just about the best offensive ship ability in the game, and give those to the most offensively-minded faction, and you’ve got a warship for the ages.

3. Jolly Mon 

Captain Jack’s little boat from the first movie, this thing was an ugly addition to the game. It comes as close as you can get to having a free ship, though it’s nearly useless. The problem is, you can easily abuse it by letting it sit at home all game with The Hag of Tortuga aboard. It may not seem like such a pitiful vessel should be ranked so highly, but when it enables you to add an extra 4 points into the game at nearly no downside, it just about becomes overpowered for the net benefit. ( Banshee’s Cry + explorer, Rover + Mermaid Le Coeur du Lion + navigator, events; the list goes on and on)

4. Hai Peng

But where would Captain Jack Sparrow be without a ship? It might not be a ship he even sailed on in the movies, but the Hai Peng is the fastest ship in the entire game, and the fleets involved in T1 and T2 prove how insanely effective it is to pair them up. The only reason the Hai Peng isn’t higher is because without CJS, the HP wouldn’t be as ridiculously good.

5. Tia Dalma 

And where would the best faction in the game be without a canceller? Well, the truth is, still pretty darn good, but having a canceller is like a necessity for a faction. They are usually the best crew outside of the Big 3 generic crew (captain/helmsman/explorer), and sometimes even outperform those guys over the long haul of a solid game. Their versatility and value for your points almost cannot be overstated.

6. Black Pearl 

One of the best gunships in the game. With a captain and helmsman for 22 points, capable of moving L+S+S with 2L,1L,1L,2L guns. Throw in extra actions and she’s tough to beat. (Flavor text is one of my favorite quotes from the movies)

7. Dragon 

A somewhat underrated gold runner, understandable given her faction affiliation. Another example of negative abilities being a net positive for most of the ships that have them.

8. Jimmy Legs / Mercer 

Though still underpriced, the sac ability is just insanely good. These two are actually underrated due to the prevalence of sac captains. Mercer is more important due to the Pirate sac captains, but both are very valuable to fleets using them. Similar to the statements on cancellers – they’re just so so good.

9. Jailhouse Dog 

This is a “fun-ruiner” UT that I’m not a fan of, but being able to cancel any UT in the game is very powerful. You can even affect gold scores by knocking something like Barbary Banner out of the game.

10. Cursed Captain Jack 

The last spot was tough, but I had to give it to a unique crew who can dramatically affect a game. This version of Captain Jack has two of the better abilities you can have, and either one can really affect the results of a game. Parley is underrated, especially as a potential offensive weapon, while the other ability is just super obnoxious. This one crew completely altered the strategy of the Cursed faction in VASSAL Campaign Game 1, and likely other factions as well if the Cursed hadn’t “dealt” with him. Wink

Just missed (in no particular order): Captain Elizabeth Swann Damsel In Distress , Black Pearl (damaged) , Paradox , HMS Hound HMS Hyena , Lord Cutler Beckett , Kraken Gong , Kray-kin The Kraken 

Honorable mentions, in no particular order: Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman HMS Trepassey , Song Jack Sparrow Wicked Wench HMS Interceptor Swift HMS Victor Calypso ,Captain Sao Feng Captain Barbossa Admiral James Norrington Elizabeth’s Piece of Eight Dead Man’s Chest Potions and Brews Capitaine Chevalle HMS Phoenix

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Ranking: Top 10 Ocean’s Edge game pieces

1. HMS Grand Temple

This isn’t English bias, this is results and experience.

2. Calico Cat / Crimson Angel 

Should cost 9 and 7 points respectively, these two are some of the best crew ever.

3. Zeus

Can be crewed a variety of ways to dominate in any build total. Was a competitive beast in tournaments then and now (such as RedDragon’s SOE fleet, and T1, among many others I would assume).

4. Whirlpools 

A brand-new terrain piece that lets me teleport with almost no drawback? Sign me up! As unrealistic as they are, I believe whirlpools changed the game for the better. As a great option for both gold runners (getting to islands faster and making slow speed less of a hindrance) and gunships (sneak attacks, escape routes), they’re also one of the “best” game pieces you can use, and often more fun and relevant than other terrain. (which just gets easily avoided and ignored)

5. Davy Jones / Emperor Blackheart 

Insanely good, especially as the game size gets bigger, and bigger, and… HUGE! Very Happy (at least 1,000 total points)

6. Le Coeur du Lion

A ship that can do a variety of things somewhat well, and provides an excellent spot for certain named crew when needed. Nearly free cost cannot be ignored.

7. Virtuous Wind 

One of the best hybrids and stacked ships in the game.

8. El Algeciras 

Sick of her, but great bargain-bin firepower.

9. El Fantasma 

Sac captains are about as good as crew get, and here the Cursed got what is arguably their most practical named crew. Just so good, and makes the Cursed more viable as a faction.

10. Deliverance 

Faster than the other 5 masters in the set with a very similar point cost, and tied as the fastest 5 master in existence.

Just missed (in no particular order): Lost , USS Constitution , Le Gaule , HMS Victoria , Ghost Walker , La Bonne Chance , Divine Dragon ,

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Francesca , Guinee , Raninoidea , Sea Rat , Seleucis , Captain Montana Mays , Protection from Davy Jones , Bilge , Sea Crane , Sea Duck , Sea Tiger , various similar 4 masters