• Suppose I have Grapple Shot on a 4 mast ship and I’m shooting at a 5 mast ship. I decide to use my Grapple Shot last, and hit with it, while my other cannons went 1 for 3. For the boarding party that Grapple Shot initiates, what value does the 5 mast ship use? The one it currently has or the one that it had before I started shooting at it?

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  • Is there any way to bring something “extra” along for a fog hop?  “If this ship (sea monster) ends her turn in a fog bank, on her next turn she may use her move action to move out of any other fog bank in play.”
    It definitely wouldn’t work with flotillas, and I assume not with towing a derelict either.

    You can tow derelicts and Flotillas…[Read more]

  • From The Pirate Code:

    -Abandoned Crew remain facedown until you use their abilities. While face up, they are treated exactly like their corresponding generic crew.
    –They do not count against the point limit of a ship.

    Normally crew do count against the point limit of a ship – are these different because they were not paid for in the build tot…

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  • It only prevents move actions, not actions in general.

    Sorry, I misread that initially.

    Some limitation on it still may be needed, because even just limiting to move actions makes it act like a multi-ship reverse pin.  It would still be fairly easy to position this ship to minimize how many of the opposing ship(s)’s cannons can fire back,…[Read more]

  • A couple days behind, but…

    ArchitectAbility: Enemy ships within S of this ship at the beginning of their turn may not be given move actions that turn.

    This ability needs significant extra limitations of some sort on it, because it’s game-breaking as-is.    It’s basically a super canceller without any non-specialized defense against it.     An…[Read more]

  • Just for some extra clarity/details:

    As long as you have the Captain ability on that ship (“This ship may move and then shoot as part of a single move action.”), it works with either.  SAT (Same Action Twice, same as the Born Leader keyword) allows you to repeat the first action given to the ship.  With a Captain, you can move and shoot twice…

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  • WrenchAbility: Once per turn, roll a d6. On a result of 5-6 repair a mast on every friendly ship within S of this ship.

    Is this a free action and/or is it mandatory?


    A possible variant to consider:

    “You may give this ship a repair action even if it is undamaged.  When you give this ship a repair action, roll a d6: on a result of 5 or 6, you…[Read more]

  • Cannon ranges of friendly ships within S of this ship are L.

    I like this one.  Not sure how useful it’ll be on a ship that’s plodding along with a base move of only S, but it could be interesting to use if it was on a quick single-master.

  • Since the Celestine’s ability doesn’t specify where a Trade Current can be placed, can the Celestine place them anywhere, aside from in contact with another ship, island or terrain?

    That is correct.   None of the spacing rules for other terrain apply, so as long as it’s not touching something else, you can put that Trade Current anywhere you want…[Read more]

  • If this ship wins a boarding party, turn this crew face down and eliminate up to three masts from the enemy ship. This crew cannot be turned face up for a number of turns equal to that of the eliminated masts. If this ship loses a boarding party, eliminate this crew and up to three masts from this ship.

    Is the “up to three masts” meant to be…

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  • Do you know if there are any free actions that can be used/taken during an opponent’s turn?
    I assume not based on this line from the Code (which is mostly for full actions), but just wanted to make sure.

    You can give actions only during your own turn and only to members of your own fleet, unless an ability specifically allows otherwise.

    I c…[Read more]

  • How does the timing of the automatic scuttle via fire masts work? “When a ship has only fire masts, she must be scuttled on her next turn.”
    Ex: Player 1 makes a Player 2 ship have only fire masts on Player 1’s turn.  For that ship, is “her next turn” the next Player 2 turn (the same round she was set alight), or the Player 2 turn after that one? …

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  • To keep [Overton] more in line the established “recruiter” ability:
    “This crew takes up no cargo space when revealed. When revealed, put a crew with point cost 3 or less from outside of the game onto this ship.”
     Would that about cover it?

    Yep, that’ll cover it.

    Even if some details like the number of points change, it’s always best to try to e…[Read more]

  • You may have posted it elsewhere, but what does the Guardian keyword do?

    Dr. Albert Overton
    Ability: Guardian. When this crew is revealed, place a crew worth point cost 3 or less from outside the game onto this ship. This crew takes up no cargo space. When this ship is docked at your Home Island, you may eliminate a treasure. It becomes a 3S…

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  • Is the Doctor ability always mandatory to use?  I know it doesn’t work with Sac but curious if it’s ever optional (mostly thinking about whirlpools where you’d actually prefer to lose an oarsman rather than a mast).
    “When another face-up crew on this ship is would be eliminated turn it face down instead.”

    The doctor ability is always optional t…[Read more]

  • I understand that Jailhouse Dog can only be used once per round of player turns when the same ship also has Nemo’s Plans aboard.  How does the timing of trying to reuse it work in a multiplayer game?  For example, let’s say it’s a 4 player game and the JD controller is player 2. If they use it on player 3’s turn to essentially “cancel”…

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  • I know this has come up before but can’t find anything on it in the Code or forum search.
    Can Born Leader/SAT be used to double up on the L-mover ability and use it twice in the same turn by the same ship? “Give this ship a move action but do not move her. Instead, roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, move an enemy ship L in any dir…

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  • -Can you roll successfully for Born Leader and then give a different ship an action before returning to the ship that got SAT?  By extension, can you just roll for all the SAT/EA/etc abilities in your fleet at the beginning of your turn and then use that knowledge to help plan your fleet and action logistics?

    You can roll for them early if you…[Read more]

  • Hey everyone,
    Do we have copies of the tournament rules and game types Wizkids used to host their tournaments?
    If we wanted to host a pirates csg tournament would we be able to replicate how Wizkida refereed the games?

    I dug up an old copy of the “Comprehensive Tournament Rules” from 2008, but don’t have a good place to post them, so I’ll email…[Read more]

  • Would this cover it? The wording for the lightning attack feels a little clunky, but I’m not sure how best to word it, as a leviathan doesn’t have a base like a Sea Monster or Sea Dragon.

    That should work.  It is a little clunky, but there’s not a lot that can be done to clean it up more.

    If it doesn’t have a base, will it be built more like a st…[Read more]

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