• Would Jonah override a Link then?

    Pirate Code, Ability Conflict Heirarchy, pg 15
    When an ability and a rule conflict the ability always
    takes precedence regardless of the terms used, unless specifically stated otherwise.

    The above is leading me to believe that he (and others with that ability) would override a Link. For example, Jonah is on the…

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  • If a kraken is surrounding a ship and is moved L by Tsuro, does the surrounded ship move with it or does it break the surround?

    It’s a weird situation, because both the Kraken and the surrounded ship are basically locked in contact with each other from all directions.   So while you can technically target either of them independently with that a…[Read more]

  • Links are rules, not abilities, correct?

    Correct, at least the normal ones printed on the cards separate from ability text; they could technically be overridden by abilities.    (Nothing in the official game does that, but maybe customs could.)

    The small handful of crew who have links provided by an ability count the same as any other ability, s…[Read more]

  • Are the choices on when the additional 5 points from 0LR+5 crew determined in the same order as the player turn order?  Just want to make sure I get the order right.  Ex: Player 1 places all crew, then adds their +5 (which may include events or equipment). Player 2 places all crew, then their +5 choices.  Then both players place any equipment (?…

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  • The production on that was a lot further along than I’d realized; aside from printing the actual cards for the book, it looks like it was mostly done.

    It’s neat seeing the actual (maybe) artwork for the gem shards too, even if it was just in the book and not on UT tokens. It’s about what I expected. Nothing fancy, but it would serve the…[Read more]

  • If a ship with the S-Exploring ability is L away from an island and has a base move of L remaining, can it move to dock with the island, using the S-Explore during the move segment and then taking advantage to explore the island as soon as it docks?

    You have to use that ability either before or after a segment, not in the middle of one.  In…[Read more]

  • 1. Was not using the “reveal treasure at HI’s” intended to be official guidance for 1v1 standard?  I generally agree, I just want to make sure I play things right when I call a game “competitive standard”/no house rules/etc, for 1v1 games.  Do you know if Wizkids’ intent was to use the multiplayer rules for this as well, and it only made it into…

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  • Icebreakers and Bombardiers.

    Icebreakers are just kinda… there.    None stand out in terms of stats, and their unique ability is so specialized that you almost have build the entire game setup around them to make any use of it (assuming you also wanted to use it, which is often not the case).

    Bombardiers are neat, and the flamestrike looks r…[Read more]

  • Cool map!

    It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of incentive to cutting through to the lower rings, aside from trying to shortcut your way to an island or to shoot at someone else that’s already in there on the other side. Having a constant “pull” toward the center could help with that, like making each ship roll a 6 every turn, and on a roll…[Read more]

  • Even with the potential to be cancelled, there’s not really a defined “front” or starting point for the tentacle placement, and all the slots are the exact same size, so the exact positions don’t matter.   I’ll add a line saying that to my notes for the possible future update.

  • How much does the order of kraken tentacles matter when constructing them?  Should it be clockwise from the bottom left corner, or having the middle cannons on the deckplate be the innermost tentacles?

    The order doesn’t matter at all for those.  You can place them wherever they fit.

    Because they can only shoot something that’s surrounded, the t…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    You’re welcome!

    For Unique Treasures does the No Duplicates rule apply per player or for the treasure pool for the particular game? I.e. can you have multiple copies of a UT in the same game if different players bring them?

    In general, the No-Duplicates rule is only applied on a per-player basis.

    Normally you’d have…[Read more]

  • If a ship with the “Two hits from the same shoot action are required to eliminate one of this ship’s masts.” ability is hit by something with “Once per turn when this ship hits an enemy ship, also eliminate one crew from that ship.” does it still eliminate a crew if it only scores one successful hit, so not causing a mast to be lost?

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  • This ship sinks when her last mast is eliminated.

    If that ability is cancelled, does the ship sink when the cancelling “resets”, or does it stay afloat as a derelict because at that point, the last mast has already been eliminated (and having it not be cancelled is not triggering the final mast to be eliminated again).

    That ability appli…[Read more]

  • Did you ever find any stats on the actual size of that table?   Judging from how it looks in comparison to the ships, it’s way too small to play a regulation game on it even after adding a few more islands.   You’d need three more to make a 2×2 square just to get a large enough area.

  • If the Nautilus is decked out with the mercenary keyword in all of her glory, gets sunk while she was carrying the Neptune’s Figurehead UT, does she get placed at her home island fully repaired like the UT States, or would she not because of the mercenary keyword.

    Mercenary’s docking restriction prevents Neptune’s Figurehead from working, so the s…[Read more]

  • This ability is intended to indicate that the ship is able to fire a sort of early/primitive underwater torpedo, so in effect it would work mostly the same as a regular cannon. I had forgotten about marines, some clarifying text indicating they cannot be targeted is likely to be in order. With that as well as some clarifying text about submerged…

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  • @iPersons

    Airship – How does the requirement of a 5 or 6 roll to hit an aloft ship interact with other roll modifiers?    Does a +1 to cannon rolls allow a 4 to hit?   If a ship with the double range ability (normally needs a 6 to hit) rolls a 5, does that hit?

    Air Dragoons – I like the idea of mini ships that can be handled like crew, but the…[Read more]

  • With the Born Leader keyword, are you supposed to take an action before rolling for the ability to get SAT?  This line from the Code seems to imply that: “-The die roll for this ability is made immediately before giving the action you wish to repeat.”  However, the ability text indicates otherwise.

    In normal usage the timing won’t matter that mu…[Read more]

  • If I could have some clarity on transferring cargo. Suppose two friendly ships are docked at the same friendly fort. Can the two ships transfer cargo (treasure, crew, etc) between them? Either by placing it on/in the fort and then onto the other ship or could the cargo simply be moved from A to B without needing to go to the island in…

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