• This ship sinks when her last mast is eliminated.

    If that ability is cancelled, does the ship sink when the cancelling “resets”, or does it stay afloat as a derelict because at that point, the last mast has already been eliminated (and having it not be cancelled is not triggering the final mast to be eliminated again).

    That ability appli…[Read more]

  • Did you ever find any stats on the actual size of that table?   Judging from how it looks in comparison to the ships, it’s way too small to play a regulation game on it even after adding a few more islands.   You’d need three more to make a 2×2 square just to get a large enough area.

  • If the Nautilus is decked out with the mercenary keyword in all of her glory, gets sunk while she was carrying the Neptune’s Figurehead UT, does she get placed at her home island fully repaired like the UT States, or would she not because of the mercenary keyword.

    Mercenary’s docking restriction prevents Neptune’s Figurehead from working, so the s…[Read more]

  • This ability is intended to indicate that the ship is able to fire a sort of early/primitive underwater torpedo, so in effect it would work mostly the same as a regular cannon. I had forgotten about marines, some clarifying text indicating they cannot be targeted is likely to be in order. With that as well as some clarifying text about submerged…

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  • @iPersons

    Airship – How does the requirement of a 5 or 6 roll to hit an aloft ship interact with other roll modifiers?    Does a +1 to cannon rolls allow a 4 to hit?   If a ship with the double range ability (normally needs a 6 to hit) rolls a 5, does that hit?

    Air Dragoons – I like the idea of mini ships that can be handled like crew, but the…[Read more]

  • With the Born Leader keyword, are you supposed to take an action before rolling for the ability to get SAT?  This line from the Code seems to imply that: “-The die roll for this ability is made immediately before giving the action you wish to repeat.”  However, the ability text indicates otherwise.

    In normal usage the timing won’t matter that mu…[Read more]

  • If I could have some clarity on transferring cargo. Suppose two friendly ships are docked at the same friendly fort. Can the two ships transfer cargo (treasure, crew, etc) between them? Either by placing it on/in the fort and then onto the other ship or could the cargo simply be moved from A to B without needing to go to the island in…

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  • Does your opponent still get to choose if they want to board if you choose not to?

    Yes.    Blade hits count as ramming, so standard boarding rules apply to each.

    The player with the Switchblade can decide the order those rams occur, but once a ramming is resolved, they can’t can’t prevent a boarding if the opponent wants to do it.


    For t…[Read more]

  • If you hit a ship with a Switchblade, but then move away so that you are no longer touching the hit ship can boarding still occur or does the blade have to remain in contact?

    You can apply the effect against every ship that the blades touch at any point during the entire length of the  move action.  You don’t need to remain in contact with any of them.

  • Sleigh/Whitebeard questions: Can the “Ho Ho Ho” ability be used on every player’s turn? (or just Santa’s turn; I realize it is probably every player’s turn due to your answer on the spying abilities from October, but it just felt too ridiculous to play it that way with this one)

    It doesn’t specify Santa’s turn, so you can use it every turn.
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  • Edge versus bar is an important distinction to make. At a 1:1 comparison they’re really not that different, but the slightly greater width of the card would add up significantly over the course of several measurements.

    I can think of at least two good reasons for why WK used the printed bars instead of the full physical edge. First, it’s…[Read more]

  • If native canoes find the Message in a Bottle UT upon exploring, is only one transferred to the new location?

    Correct.  Even though they all have to be given the same action, they’re given those actions individually and independently like any other ships.

  • If the flotilla keyword is cancelled, can it still shoot through itself?

    Yes.   The body of a ship (including oars, turtle panels, and the little flag at the back) never blocks its own lines of fire – only masts block.

    Asking for a friend: do derelicts block lines of fire?

    Yes.  Ships always block lines of fire for other ships, regardless of…[Read more]

  • For Mysterious Island #7, can the new coin be a UT or a 0 coin?

    5-6: After exploring this island, place a treasure coin from your collection with value equal to or less than one you took on the island.

    It specifically refers to a coin with a value, so 0-gold coins are allowed.

    Most UTs would not count because they lack any gold value,…[Read more]

  • Do you skip an eliminated player’s turn with Altar of the Loa if all they have left in play is a fort?
    No.   That player will count toward the endgame condition because they can’t give move actions, but assuming there are enough other players still going to prevent that, the player with the fort still gets their turn in the normal seque…

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  • If it was allowed for usage in a game, could the Sleigh start the game with Unique Treasure aboard her?

    This ship cannot be shot at, and she cannot sink. She begins the game fully loaded with treasure from her controller’s collection. Her base move becomes 6L when she has no available cargo capacity.

    If you can, could you include Abandoned c…

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  • Is terrain applied to docking location after Message in a Bottle is triggered?  (I assume it would be on a case by case basis whether or not the terrain rules say “touches” vs. “moves over”)

    Message in a Bottle is meant to just dock the ship at the island, and not potentially act as another Lost, so the ship should be placed at the island i…[Read more]

  • Does a forfeit affect existing gold scores?  For example, if a player forfeits, does their gold count, or does it automatically become 0?  (asking partly since someone could have an “emergency” and clear their fleet out and leave the venue, at which point they can’t claim to win just because they have more gold at the time)

    That’s going to be up…[Read more]

  • @Xerecs

    If you use Hidden Cove to fling a ship to a Mysterious Island, can you immediately roll for that Island’s effects? If you can, can the target ship be given a move action to move away, re-dock and roll for effects again?

    Hidden Cove docks the ship, so you do have to roll for the island effect immediately.   If you used your action(s) to mov…[Read more]

  • @CrazyIvan

    How does “This ship may dock at an enemy home island and load one treasure. If able, she must leave on your next turn.” work? Do you get to choose the treasure you take or is it random?

    The player losing the treasure gets to pick the specific one you steal, so you’re unlikely to get something highly valuable unless that’s all they hav…[Read more]

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