• No love at all for the Dreadnought? I suppose it’s just too expensive.

    Just bought a bunch of SM packs. Hoping for one of the five masters in there and not too many repeats. Really don’t need a third Leicester…

  • What are the best English 5 masters? Seems to me they peaked in SM with Titan and Lord Algernon. Goliath is okay. Cheap. Dreadnought is potentially super powerful but basically too expensive (and slow) to play. Swallow is very good.

  • What pieces would you put on L’Hercule (22 pts, 3 cargo) to deck her out the best? Overall fleet build total isn’t important here. I’ve been thinking maybe

    Guy LaPlante (F&S) 7 pts, Captain, S-Board

    Capitane Arazure (F&S) 5 pts, choose two of destroy mast, eliminate crew, steal a treasure

    Amiral Dupuy (CC) 5 pts, EA

    Mademoiselle Josephine…[Read more]

  • …do face down UTs still count for a cargo space?

  • Jack replied to the topic Battle Reports in the forum Pirates CSG 1 year, 11 months ago

    Finally managed to hook my brother on the game. We’ve had a few games and I don’t remember the full details, but here’s two highlights:

    300 IQ Self-explosives

    I’m Spain, my brother France. I’m winning a standard game, needing seven more gold to win via the more than half rule. Problem is, La Bahama, which is close to my HI, is only carrying four…[Read more]

  • What’s the most unlikely string of luck you’ve had in a game? I just had one where I got an extra action off of Admiral Morgan 6-7 times in a row, with no re-rollers. And I still lost lol.

  • Jack replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 1 year, 12 months ago

    Ayyyy more fleets thread posts.

    I agree that the Hellfire is underrated. Very solid fighter. The behemoth is also really strong in games like this.

    What could you do with Tabitha McWarren (DJC) on the Divine Dragon? You only have room for one oarsman right now, and I feel it may be stronger to load up on crew on your flagship instead of having…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic Game Ideas in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    A couple of house rules I may try:

    Boarding RISK style:

    Whoever initiates the boarding is the attacker. The other player is the defender.

    Boarding roll is number of remaining masts + remaining crew + die roll.

    Winner of a roll eliminates a crew on opponent’s ship. Tie goes to defender. Then you repeat, and you can continue until one ship l…[Read more]

  • Should be fixed now.

    In a test game against a similar pirate fleet led by Don Gilbert and the Panda, LSR’s extra durability came in big because Panda was able to swoop in and get two shoot actions off. But then again, LBE is faster than Panda so it might have avoided being hit in the first place so :shrug:

  • There’s a couple of threads I suppose this could go in but I’d love this one to be more active so I’m putting it here now.

    One of my favorite fleets is a hybrid French fleet using ships from PotR. I’d long used La Belle Etoile as the flagship. But recently I got Le Soleil Royale, and I’m wondering which ship people would think is better. Both are…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic The Random Topic Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    I’d always thought the Crimson Coast referred to the English channel, but there’s flavor text on several CC pieces indicating it’s still just the New World/Caribbean.

  • Jack replied to the topic The Random Topic Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    I’ve always found it weird how SAT got a keyword (Born Leader) but the any action twice crew didn’t.

    On a different note, in the interest of avoiding double posting: I’ve decided I don’t think I want to buy singles from CC (aside from tracking down the French forts) or MI anymore. My collection for SM, RU, and BC is large enough that buying packs…[Read more]

  • Didn’t even know this thread existed lol. Well I’m still tracking down the Terror. Otherwise I don’t have any way in my collection to combine fear and something submerged. I’ve thought about putting the Unblinking 99 on board the Fallen Angel, since she’s very fast and can’t be shot at by most ships, but then I remembered ramming is a thing.…[Read more]

  • How the heck are you supposed to make use of the Fear keyword? Since it happens at the start of your turn, the canceller ability isn’t as useful. You can’t protect yourself by cancelling a captain on a ship that’s going to attack you for instance. And the S-move result isn’t that good either, because again it happens at the start of your turn. You…[Read more]

  • Here’s a pretty silly one that came up last night. Can you touch another ship without becoming pinned? Obviously you can with ships with certain abilities like galley, but for a ship that doesn’t have an ability like that, is it legal/possible to move your ship so the sides touch before the bow does? I keep having an issue with a Spanish fleet…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic Pirates Lore in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    Godiva escaped when the Duc de Valois failed to deliver her to Papa Doc. In the unreleased Return to Savage Shores set, Papa Doc is still hunting her down.

  • I would be interested in Paradis del Mer, but I don’t own any of those Cursed items.

  • Can I link the same crew twice? For example, Mademoiselle Josephine Godiva is a 0LR re-roller, so at set up I pick a crew for her to link to. Can I use this ability on Duc de Valois, who is already “naturally” linked to her, and if so, do both links still count? If I put both of them on board L’Eroica, does it gain 3 links, effectively gaining a…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic Pirates Lore in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    You’re both wrong! I gave Fantasma the slip by letting him think me dead while my boy Roger took over the pirating stuff. I live with Lady Arcadia in the sleepy town of Newport and sleep on stacks of gold.

  • Jack replied to the topic Pirates Lore in the forum Pirates CSG 2 years ago

    Here’s the story of me:

    I was holed up in Port Royal, sent there as an indentured servant. When Angus Skyme sacked the port, I was able to escape and I joined forces with him on board the flagship of his fleet, the Harbinger. It was during my time with him that we both encountered the beautiful Lady Arcadia del Sol, who escaped El Castillo Del…[Read more]

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