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    Super random but yet another thread idea I’ve had waiting in the wings.

    Feel free to list any surprising facts about you related to Pirates CSG that people might not expect.

    For me: I’ve only pulled one SR pack, and it was RotF (one of the most common SR packs).  I still haven’t opened a Scavenger Pack box from SS.  Until this year I didn’t have any islands from SS, so no great turtles or trade currents (now have 3).


    Well, I’m not proud of it, but I’m not that experienced of a player. Friends look at my vast collection & think I must know the game inside & out, so if I try to bring them into play, they get a good laugh (translation: their good-natured frustration) at how I still have to look up a lot of things. I watch Ben’s or other folks game vids & feel like a kid in the shallow end of the pool with water wings on looking at Olympic-level swimmers. LOL

    Room for improvement is fine but I do regret that I didn’t challenge myself to play in tournaments in my LGS back when those were common, to learn & grow.


    I don’t think I’ve ever opened a pack of Crimson Coast. I think every Crimson Coast piece I have has either come in a trade or an eBay sale.


    Crimson Coast is my favorite set, yet I’ve only built a handful of the ships from it (less than ten if I remember correctly) and have only played maybe three or four of them at most.

    Also, I’ve only ever played Pirates CSG with people I introduced to the game, despite knowing about the existence of VASSAL for almost a year now.

    Matt Lovell

    Since I mentioned actually posting here in my second FB group post earlier today, here goes.

    I’ve only ever used pack drafts to make 40 point fleets, never just one made from my collection that I recall.

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