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    Captain Vendari

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I am organizing a tournament to be played on VASSAL and am trying to gauge interest from the community. I haven’t decided on a style, but if I can find at least 8 players I’m thinking one round swiss matches. The tournament will be live, with commentary from myself and possibly others.</p>
    Legal Sets: Fleets may be built using game pieces from Pirates of the Spanish Main, Crimson Coast, Revolution, Barbary Coast, and South China Seas.

    Ban List: Captain Whitebeard,  Sleigh, all Events,  Banshee’s Cry,  Paradis de la Mer

    Fleets: 40 points,  8 treasures (including UTs) totaling 15 gold

    Forts: If your fleet does not contain a nation with a fort, you may choose the forts of exactly one nation when submitting your fleet list for the tournament. You may build only that nation’s forts in the tournament.

    Setup: Setup will follow the rules for a standard game when placing islands. To clarify, this is distance of 3L and 6L between islands. Each game will also include 3 each of Reef, Sargasso Sea, Fogbank, and Whirlpool terrain.



    The final date is up for consideration, but it will have to be a Saturday and participants should set aside 4-6 hours to play.

    Matt Lovell

    I will tentatively toss my hat in as a player.  No VASSAL experience but have set a goal of trying it out this month.

    Always been more of a pack-draft guy so it will also be a change of pace actually trying to make a fleet with more than a few options.


    I’m down for commentary and for playing.

    Since I don’t see it already stated, I’ll ask: May our fleets be mixed? Or single faction?

    Captain Vendari

    Multinational fleets are totally allowed.

    El Cazador

    I’m interested

    Dread Pirate

    I have to figure out how to play vassal and I’m quite rusty, bit I’m definitely interested.


    Curious if this started?


    I think Vendari put this on indefinite hiatus cause he couldn’t effectively run it. I think he posted about it on FB and on Discord. I’m still down for it if and when the ball gets rolling again.

    I think he floated the idea of a “VASSAL League” or something along those lines.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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