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Glad to be here. I did notice things slowing down over there after the news and thought I would come here to stay a part of the community just in case MT does go.

I am glad you caught the spelling error (if there was a way to fix it I would haha, it was pretty late when I wrote that up and also forgot to have the faction in the info.

Oh wow, you don’t have the option to edit your posts? I’ll have to make sure users can do that. Obviously the forum is still a work in progress to say the least, I just implemented it and have mainly been working on the database issue since it’s a more pressing topic (pun intended) than another Pirates forum. I have the edit option at the top of the post to the left of the post number (no idea why it started in the triple digits haha), but I’ve got all sorts of fancy options since I’m the admin of the site haha.

I also don’t like how these comments aren’t functioning linearly, so I’ll have to fix that too. Thanks for being part of this in the extreme “early days” when things are bound to be less than optimal…. XD