Reply To: Blank packs?


Sorry for the forum being a little rough around the edges – I think all that code shows up because you may have pasted my text directly into the Visual tab and then switched to Text.  (or something else)

I’ve found that pasting as plaintext (ctrl+shift+v on a PC) helps.  It’s something I’d like to fix, but there is a LOT of Pirates CSG stuff I have on my lists….

but that’s something you’d need a lawyer to figure out.

Exactly.  And getting legal help is NOT cheap, which is part of why I was hoping the community could potentially help out.

I know you may not want to join the FB group, but I brought up a recent discussion where advancements in 3D printing are going to eventually make things more accessible and less expensive to make.  In the long term (5+ years) dies may actually be a less cost effective solution than other options, and there’s the possibility that AR/VR/video games become so good that eventually people may prefer a virtual version to the physical game.  (though that is certainly not the case now based on the sentiment of the FB group)

Stickers have always been a nice option that I’d be willing to try someday if it was cheap.  I do like having duplicates around for spares, trade options, and stuff to sell/give to new players.  I don’t have much artwork for my customs, but the historical ones are pretty easy for those that have paintings/illustrations of them.