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We’ve seen all of their ships, now here are the crew! Speherus Magna is winding down!

Guardian— This piece is linked to all other pieces with this keyword.


Points: 5
Ability: Guardian. Ex-Patriot. Reveal this crew at the beginning of one of your turns: Choose one enemy crew. Roll a d6 and add the result to the crew’s point cost. Eliminate the crew with the lowest result. If this crew is not eliminated, turn it face down and roll a d6 again. The result is the number of turns that this crew cannot use its ability.

Flavor: A skilled assassin and duelist, Makeza claims he has been banished from his homeland and has nowhere else to go. These claims are mostly true, as Makeza has been sent to keep an eye on the eccentric mercenary. And to eliminate him if necessary.



Points: 9
Ability: Ex-patriot. SAT. Once per turn before you give this ship a shoot action roll a d6. On a result of 5-6 eliminate one of the enemy ships masts permanently for the reminder of the game.

Flavor: Roodaka uses her striking beauty to seduce her targets, setting them up for their downfall while she makes her escape with their secrets and riches. With ties to both the Dark Hunters and Makuta, trusting her is to invite your own doom.