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Through a somewhat complicated and actually legal means, I have recovered some of the data from my phone’s Notepad!

Awesome!  And I love forts, so wow am I in for some fun times here!  O_O  And I thought some of my forts were expensive!   XD

Piraka Stronghold is fascinating, though I’d want to find some way to increase the cannon ranges so opponents can’t avoid it so easily.   I understand you just recovered the information, but I think it’s easier to digest game pieces if the faction affiliation is the second part of each listed (just after name).

Kranzhi actually strikes me as a bit too expensive.  I think you could playtest that one at about 10 points and see how it goes.

The Coliseum is a neat idea, and would be great to have on the outskirts of a big battle in a campaign game.

Mahri-Nui feels a bit overpriced – although submerged ships can dock there, they still wouldn’t be able to repair unless you allowed that too.  And subs are kinda small, so entering the Sargasso Sea just to get to the fort seems like risky business.

Destral: WOW, is that wacky!  XD   I’m not a fan of the teleportation aspects of this game of course, but the Cursed are the faction to do it with.  It seemed OP at first, but relocating basically means your whole turn gets skipped, which is pretty much a no-go even in small games, let alone when you control dozens of ships.  I’m not really sold on it being a great fort, between the high cost (probably too high considering the massive downside of relocation) and the fact that it would be difficult to place in a spot where an opponent wouldn’t be able to handle it.  All S-range guns mean that most opponents could park ships just out of range and blast away, and having your turn end immediately after relocation means that the fort can’t shoot right away to surprise an opponent (not that I think it should be able to haha).  I think making some or all of the guns L-range and making the downside of relocating a little less harsh could make this more playable.  I do appreciate that you went very high on the costs though – better to overprice than underprice with customs, especially with new abilities.

Umbra is a nice first-strike gunship, but a little pricey for me.  I think 17 points would be a fair starting point.

Vesok needs to be ridiculously expensive.  The copying ability is pegged at about 11 points per DJC Davy Jones, which I think is about right.  Piraka is worth a LOT of points – if a regular world hater is 4 points, Piraka should be at least double.  Just using the +1 for EA/SAT/AA rolls would be a big benefit, let alone applying it to boarding, ramming, cannons obviously, and other stuff… the combination of abilities are arguably worth at least 19 points and quite possibly more.

S-immunity shouldn’t exist, especially on a crew, so Zaktan is broken.  Wouldn’t play with/against that one.

Reidak is interesting though.  It reminds me of the Holy Water/Davy Jones’ Heart UT’s, but with a restriction.  I think there would be a massive Pirate Code entry for that, and have a feeling he’s a little overpriced.  (no idea though – playtesting required)

I actually don’t have issue with Limit on linked pieces – it’s fun to have flavor text make for some “impossible” to use combos (but only rarely to avoid mass confusion lol).


I suppose it’s fitting to release one of my wackier customs now!

Shadow Dance
Faction Affiliation: Mercenary
Rarity: C
Type: Ship
Point Value: 24
Number of Masts: 3
Cargo Space: 4
Base Move: S+L
Cannons: 4L-3L+L-4L  (middle cannon basically has Extended Range)
Ability: Up to two times per turn when this ship is hit, you may choose a different option. 1. This ship is not hit, and the shot instead hits a target within range beyond this ship. 2. This ship is not hit, and you may choose to hit a different ship within range of the shot instead.

Flavor text: Perfecting the art of appearing in two places at once, the conniving crew members of this vessel are scheming to get all the way to the throne of Spain. After successfully deking out various pirate captains, they think they have a chance.

Historical Custom of the Day #287

George Legge
7 points
Ability: Captain. English ships within L of this ship get +1 to their cannon rolls against the Dutch.
Link: HMS Pembroke, HMS Fairfax, HMS Royal Katherine, Edward Spragge

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas