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Nereides feels a little cheap, but only just. The first half of your Ironclad keyword scales with the size of the ship, on a small one, it’s almost useless as the small ship is susceptible to ramming. Your keyword solves this a little by throwing in “ramming cannot eliminate this ships masts” ability. Then again, it does move S…….

Text on Kiwa should be fixed to read as this ship instead of this crew. 10 points feels fine for her.

Tinirau seems okay to me, an excellent flotilla tug.

Pegasus has a very useful ability, potentially one of the most powerful in game. She feels like a direct upgrade over the Hessian from DJC. Given her speed I’d probably put her at 10 points instead of 9.

Wurger could get complicated and very headache inducing to play against. Even though she’s a 2 mast ship I’d consider increasing her point cost a little or consider giving her a different ability.

Stratus is going to be a FAST ship. Considering that she’s only a 3 mast ship she feels appropriately costed however.

Cumulus is going to be annoying to deal with while it is aloft. Needing a 5-6 to even hit it while it’s flying and then needing a second 5-6 cannon roll? Not impossible but it will make this ship very difficult to deal with. However she’s costed correctly I feel.

I don’t quite get what you’re intending with the ability of the Cirrus. Airship state is determined at the beginning of your turn, before ships start moving. You can simply declare her to be landed and explore the island normally with an explore action or an explorer crew.

I think that the ability and possibly keyword of Airship would need to be refined and defined if the Altos wants to keep its ability. Mostly I think you’d need to define what would constitute as a ram to an aloft Airship. Since the bow of the vessel technically isn’t in the water, would the bow part of the base be considered for ramming? You could sidestep some of this I think by giving her the regular S-board ability, which ties the boarding party to a move action and is a bit less confusing to work out.

Is Air Dragoon the same as Aerial Dragoon? A ship could do this anyway, not all cannons need to be fired at the same target. Additionally I think shooting needs to be flushed out in the Airship keyword, as other than an opposing ship targeting an aloft Airship it’s not mentioned.

I would recommend switching vessels with ships in the first half of Nemo’s ability. Technically the same thing, but the wordage more closely resembles that used by Wizkids and is a way to avoid confusion. This version of Nemo is too cheap, I’d put him around 12 points, given that the cannon ability is worth about 4 points and his main ability is unchanged from his ME version which was costed around 8 points.

I know Gustav’s ability was 5 points originally, but WK changed it to 6, I’d recommend the same here.