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The Matoran Canoes remind me of a problem that is difficult to avoid when making customs – making the same kinds of mistakes that Wizkids made, since they did it first and made it official. As in, using the Banshee’s Cry’s ability to severely lower point costs, or comparing customs to all the BEST ships in the game rather than average ones. For example, someone may bring up that a ship isn’t really better than the San Cristobal, or HMS Titan for example. But when those originals are so OP in the first place, it just further makes “regular” stuff and more reasonable/better priced customs more obsolete. The American native canoes could have had 1 cargo each and still been 10 points, and they’d still be one of the best sets out there. Then it would be more of a debate with the Spanish canoes, rather than one of the most OP game pieces out there. I think this topic is worth a blog post sometime – perhaps it’s the onus of us as custom creators to not repeat Wizkids’ mistakes. 🙂

Anewo should have Black Mark haha. 😉 Would be interesting to see if he is deemed OP in any CG usage.
Wanhu is fascinating – there’s an example of flavor text really helping with a custom crew. The flavor explanation makes me less eager to have the ability completely changed – perhaps it can work somehow. At 10 points and only working on a 6, it’s already very limited. I think it could work just fine, but with a few caveats in campaign games. Perhaps in those games he’d be banned, or the islands could NEVER produce resources/gold/etc. Even letting forts on a bunch of “new” islands could get tricky, especially if they were used as launch points right near an enemy home island. Lots to consider there, and obvious breakability will be present whenever an ability allows you to bring stuff in from outside the game.

I have a few issues with K’Tung:
1. I do not like the idea of having to roll every time the ship is hit. That would require two rolls per cannon on hits, and by different players presumably. Catamarans are annoying enough in my opinion, and this has the potential to eclipse that, especially if rerolls are involved.
2. Copying to a 10 master/etc. #1 is a bigger issue for me, but the cost and cannon inaccuracies become irrelevant if this got on the Guichuan/etc. Then it’s even more annoying because you’d have to roll twice as much for opponents attacking. The ship strikes me as something to simply avoid and let it take up build total for arguably minimal effectiveness, but oftentimes you cannot just avoid the presence of a 10 master in a game.

I think a radical solution could potentially solve both problems, but it’s probably not very exciting from a flavor perspective (I would assume). “Once per turn when this ship is hit, instead eliminate a mast from the attacking ship.” Make it automatic but only once per turn, and give the defender the ability to choose which “hit” gets “deflected”. For all I know this could be even more problematic than the first ability, but it avoids a lot of extra dice rolling, partly solves the copying problem, and could make for some interesting strategy. (not dissimilar to how cancellers are used as “chess pieces” on a battlefield – in this case should you cancel the extended range fire shot from El Neptuno or the Kian Ng-aided 2S shot from the Grand Path?) On top of all that, with this ability I think the ship could be drastically less expensive, perhaps to the tune of 19-20 points. (as the ability is arguably worse than El Acorazado’s, I think…)

It’s like a Mirror Force effect if you ever saw Yugioh. XD (and that card got banned for good reason haha)

Faction Affiliation: French
Rarity: C
Type: Crew
Point Value: 7
Ability: Ex-Patriot. Captain. Musketeer.

Flavor text: Banraun is still working for the French Crown, but he has also developed a secret profession as a captain for hire. He is fantastic at hiding his activities, but has put himself into a risky position despite his higher income.

Historical Custom of the Day #255

Alberto del Canto
6 points
Ability: Hostile: The Inquisitor, Diego de Montemayor. Explorer. Gold Capture.

I don’t like using Hostile for specific game pieces, but both make sense in this case.

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