Reply To: What am I missing?


Thanks guys, that’s about what I wanted to know. I’m a bit of a history buff and I do really prefer to keep things as historically accurate as I can, so the Age of Sail is my main area of interest. The more fantastical elements are something I could miss, but I also do think that at least mechanically, some of these elements are pretty cool. It is as much a strategic game as an area of interest to me.

I’m all for keeping things simple too, where strategy,  planning and a bit of luck wins the game between balanced fleets. I could see myself coming up with crazy fleets and combos…. but it doesn’t really excite me to think about it.

I’ve got some Caribbean packs arriving, then I’ll pick up Revolution and Spanish Main to top up my existing ships. The other sets are expensive and hard to get anyway, so I’ll stick to the first three releases plus Caribbean and see how it goes.